Raffi's Place


All entrees are served on a bed of fluffy basmati rice with grilled tomato and Anaheim pepper


  • Raffis Place 41Raffis Place 41

    Barg Kabob


    Thin sliced filet Mignon, skewered and charbroiled to perfection

  • IMG 4617IMG 4617

    Shish Kabob


    Marinated chunks of filet mignon, skewered and charbroiled with bell pepper and onion

  • IMG 4627IMG 4627

    Koobideh (Luleh Kabob)


    Lean ground beef, skewered and charbroiled to perfection

  • IMG 4749IMG 4749

    Lubia Polo


    Rice mixed with string beans, grilled onions, tomato sauce, and diced filet of beef. *Served with a skewer of our signature Beef Koobideh


  • IMG 4763IMG 4763

    Lamb Shank


    Lamb shank served with special rice mixture of baby lima beans and fresh dill


  • Raffis Place 39Raffis Place 39

    Chicken Barg Kabob


    Skewered and charbroiled, boneless breast of chicken

  • IMG 4811IMG 4811

    Chicken Boneless Kabob


    Boneless chicken thigh, skewered and charbroiled

  • IMG 4854IMG 4854

    Chicken with Bone Kabob


    Skewered and charbroiled, marinated chunks of cornish hen

  • IMG 4805IMG 4805

    Chicken Koobideh Kabob


    Ground (leg & breast) of chicken mixed with special spices and charbroiled


  • IMG 4861IMG 4861

    Mahi Mahi Kabob


    Marinated and Skewered tasty pieces of mahi-mahi

  • IMG 4767IMG 4767

    Fresh Scottish Salmon


    Marinated and charbroiled fresh filet of Scottish salmon


Substitute specialty Persian Rice for $3 per entree

  • Sabzee Polo

    Rice mixed with fresh herbs

  • IMG 4690IMG 4690

    Zereshk Polo

    Rice mixed with barberries

  • IMG 4932IMG 4932

    Baghali Polo

    Rice mixed with dill and lima beans

  • IMG 4695IMG 4695

    Albaloo Polo

    Rice mixed with black cherries