Ranking The Top 6 Best Golf Courses Within 30 Minutes Of Pinehurst, NC – Birdie Network

Pinehurst, North Carolina is the epicenter of golf for most people.  With and endless amount of golf to play in, and around, Pinehurst, it makes for the perfect golf trip.  Pinehurst has been known as the “home of golf” to some in Northern America and has a unique feel to it as soon as you enter the small town.

With rustic train tracks rolling adjacent to the one lane streets and round-a-bouts popping up every other turn, Pinehurst hoists a unparalleled vibe.  Known for it’s pine trees, Pinehurst is simply a beautiful place to live, visit, and golf.

Among the pines, are world-class golf courses that have hosted an array of tournaments from US Open Championships, to US Amateurs, to Ryder Cups.  Once you step foot on the sacred ground of Pinehurst, you’re walking on history which adds to the lure of this historical piece of land.

But it doesn’t just stop at the Pinehurst Resort that offers 9 courses.  The surrounding areas have some of the best courses in not only North Carolina, but the entire country.

In this article, we’ll cover those courses in a thorough review for your next golf trip.  Let’s take a look at how these courses stack up against eachother.

The Top 7 Best Public Golf Courses Within 30 Minutes of Pinehurst, NC

  1. Pinehurst #2
  2. Pinehurst #4
  3. Pinehurst #8
  4. Pine Needles Lodge & Golf Club
  5. Mid Pines Inn & Golf Club
  6. Tobacco R0ad Golf Club

Again, note that these are all within 30 minutes of Pinehurst, NC based on Google maps.  Anything north of a 30 minute drive is a bit unreasonable for us when you’re on a golf trip.  In our opinion, when you’re on a golf trip you don’t want to spend all of your time driving.  So the purpose of this was to find the best courses in a reasonable driving distance.


Alright, let’s get into it.