The restaurant is a facility that appears in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer and Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Happy Home Paradise. In the former game, it is situated on the lower section of Main Street which becomes accessible once the second phase of facilities are unlocked (alongside the office, second shop, and department store). In the latter game, it is located on the main island of the archipelago directly to the left of the apparel shop.

Before being constructed, it is simply a pile of logs in Happy Home Designer, and an undecorated, vacant building in Happy Home Paradise.





Happy Home Designer




The restaurant has two rooms: a large dining area and a small kitchen. There are four interior layouts to choose from, and these affect the size and shape of the dining area.

Building requirements




Dining area




Table ×2

  •  Metal-and-Wood Table
  • 30px Tea Table HHD Icon Tea Table
  • 30px Classic Table HHD Icon Classic Table
  • 30px Round Cloth Table HHD Icon Round-Cloth Table
  • 30px Pav%C3%A9 End Table HHD Icon Pavé End Table
  • 30px Lovely End Table HHD Icon Lovely End Table
  • 30px Sleek Side Table HHD Icon Sleek Side Table
  • 30px Minimalist Minitable HHD Icon Minimalist Minitable
  • 30px Exotic End Table
  • 30px Metal Rim Table HHD Icon Metal-Rim Table
  • 30px Square Minitable HHD Icon Square Minitable
  • 30px Modern End Table HHD Icon Modern End Table
  • 30px School Desk HHD Icon School Desk
  • 30px Minimalist Table HHD Icon Minimalist Table
  • 30px Natural Low Table HHD Icon Natural Low Table
  • 30px Console Table HHD Icon Console Table
  • 30px Zen Desk HHD Icon Zen Desk
  • 30px Exotic Table
  • 30px Zen Low Table HHD Icon Zen Low Table
  • 30px Cabana Table HHD Icon Cabana Table
  • 30px Modern Table HHD Icon Modern Table
  • 30px Pastel Low Table HHD Icon Pastel Low Table
  • 30px Classic Buffet HHD Icon Classic Buffet
  • 30px Cabin Low Table HHD Icon Cabin Low Table
  • 30px Glass Top Table HHD Icon Glass-Top Table
  • 30px Ringside Table HHD Icon Ringside Table
  • 30px Cafeteria Table HHD Icon Cafeteria Table
  • 30px Meeting Room Table HHD Icon Meeting-Room Table
  • 30px Worktable HHD Icon Worktable
  • 30px Lecture Hall Desk HHD Icon Lecture-Hall Desk
  • 30px Ranch Tea Table HHD Icon Ranch Tea Table
  • 30px Modern Wood Table HHD Icon Modern Wood Table
  • 30px Wood Plank Table HHD Icon Wood-Plank Table
  • 30px Regal Table HHD Icon Regal Table
  • 30px Lovely Table HHD Icon Lovely Table
  • 30px Mermaid Table HHD Icon Mermaid Table
  • 30px Princess Table HHD Icon Princess Table
  • 30px Stripe Table HHD Icon Stripe Table
  • 30px Sleek Table HHD Icon Sleek Table
  • 30px Gracie Low Table HHD Icon Gracie Low Table
  • 30px Alpine Low Table HHD Icon Alpine Low Table
  • 30px Polka Dot Low Table HHD Icon Polka-Dot Low Table
  • 30px Gorgeous Table HHD Icon Gorgeous Table
  • 30px Rococo Table HHD Icon Rococo Table
  • 30px Astro Table HHD Icon Astro Table
  • 30px Gorgeous Desk HHD Icon Gorgeous Desk
  • 30px Green Desk HHD Icon Green Desk
  • 30px Teacher%27s Desk HHD Icon Teacher's Desk
  • 30px Office Desk HHD Icon Office Desk
  • 30px White Office Desk HHD Icon White Office Desk
  • 30px Modern Desk HHD Icon Modern Desk
  • 30px Gracie Desk HHD Icon Gracie Desk
  • 30px Reception Table HHD Icon Reception Table
  • 30px Editor%27s Desk HHD Icon Editor's Desk
  • 30px Writing Desk HHD Icon Writing Desk
  • 30px Science Table HHD Icon Science Table
  • 30px Wooden Counter HHD Icon Wooden Counter
  • 30px Counter Table HHD Icon Counter Table
  • 30px Large Tea Table HHD Icon Large Tea Table
  • 30px Pine Table HHD Icon Pine Table
  • 30px Cabin Table HHD Icon Cabin Table
  • 30px Large Alpine Table HHD Icon Large Alpine Table
  • 30px Lazy Susan Table HHD Icon Lazy-Susan Table
  • 30px Birthday Table HHD Icon Birthday Table
  • 30px Natural Table HHD Icon Natural Table
  • 30px Ranch Table HHD Icon Ranch Table
  • 30px Table with Cloth HHD Icon Table with Cloth
  • 30px Green Table HHD Icon Green Table
  • 30px Blue Table HHD Icon Blue Table
  • 30px Harvest Table HHD Icon Harvest Table
  • 30px Pav%C3%A9 Table HHD Icon Pavé Table
  • 30px Kiddie Table HHD Icon Kiddie Table
  • 30px Polka Dot Table HHD Icon Polka-Dot Table
  • 30px Sloppy Table HHD Icon Sloppy Table
  • 30px Robo Table HHD Icon Robo-Table
  • 30px Kotatsu HHD Icon Kotatsu
  • 30px Sleek Sideboard HHD Icon Sleek Sideboard
  • 30px Computer HHD Icon Computer
  • 30px Home Computer Rack HHD Icon Home-Computer Rack
  • 30px Kitchen Island HHD Icon Kitchen Island
  • 30px Wooden Box
  • 30px Cardboard Box
  • 30px Conveyor Belt Sushi HHD Icon Conveyor-Belt Sushi
  • 30px Kitchen Counter HHD Icon Kitchen Counter
  • 30px Zen Barrel HHD Icon Zen Barrel
  • 30px Computer Desk HHD Icon Computer Desk
  • 30px Complex Machine
  • 30px Iron Garden Table HHD Icon Iron Garden Table
  • 30px Daimyo%27s Tray HHD Icon Daimyo's Tray
  • 30px Snowman Table HHD Icon Snowman Table
  • 30px Ice Table HHD Icon Ice Table
  • 30px Ice Side Table HHD Icon Ice Side Table
  • 30px Jingle Table HHD Icon Jingle Table
  • 30px Spooky Table HHD Icon Spooky Table
  • 30px Egg Table HHD Icon Egg Table
  • 30px Sweets Table HHD Icon Sweets Table
  • 30px Sweets Minitable HHD Icon Sweets Minitable
  • 30px Mush Table HHD Icon Mush Table
  • 30px Mush End Table HHD Icon Mush End Table
  • 30px Lily Pad Table HHD Icon Lily-Pad Table
  • 30px Watermelon Table HHD Icon Watermelon Table
  • 30px Lemon Table HHD Icon Lemon Table
  • 30px Grapefruit Table HHD Icon Grapefruit Table
  • 30px Flower Table HHD Icon Flower Table
  • 30px Sprout Table HHD Icon Sprout Table
  • 30px Pansy Table HHD Icon Pansy Table
  • 30px Mini Butterfly Table HHD Icon Mini Butterfly Table
  • 30px Dab Table HHD Icon Dab Table
  • 30px Flounder Table HHD Icon Flounder Table
  • 30px Balloon Table HHD Icon Balloon Table
  • 30px Card Table HHD Icon Card Table
  • 30px Patchwork Table HHD Icon Patchwork Table
  • 30px Golden Table HHD Icon Golden Table
  • 30px Cancer Table HHD Icon Cancer Table
  • 30px Fireworks Table HHD Icon Fireworks Table
  • 30px Small Space Console HHD Icon Small Space Console
  • 30px Large Space Console HHD Icon Large Space Console
  • 30px Space Console HHD Icon Space Console
  • 30px Captain%27s Monitor HHD Icon Captain's Monitor
  • 30px Crew%27s Monitor HHD Icon Crew's Monitor
  • 30px Cardboard Table HHD Icon Cardboard Table
  • 30px Block HHD Icon Block
  • 30px %3F Block HHD Icon ? Block
  • 30px Set Square Table HHD Icon Set Square Table
  • Chair ×4

  • 30px Common Chair HHD Icon Common Chair
  • 30px Minimalist Chair HHD Icon Minimalist Chair
  • 30px Pine Chair HHD Icon Pine Chair
  • 30px Ranch Chair HHD Icon Ranch Chair
  • 30px Office Chair HHD Icon Office Chair
  • 30px Folding Chair HHD Icon Folding Chair
  • 30px Metal and Wood Chair HHD Icon Metal-and-Wood Chair
  • 30px Meeting Room Chair HHD Icon Meeting-Room Chair
  • 30px School Chair HHD Icon School Chair
  • 30px Cabin Chair HHD Icon Cabin Chair
  • 30px Modern Wood Chair HHD Icon Modern Wood Chair
  • 30px Blue Chair HHD Icon Blue Chair
  • 30px Green Chair HHD Icon Green Chair
  • 30px Cabana Chair HHD Icon Cabana Chair
  • 30px Classic Chair HHD Icon Classic Chair
  • 30px Rocking Chair HHD Icon Rocking Chair
  • 30px Alpine Chair HHD Icon Alpine Chair
  • 30px Zen Chair HHD Icon Zen Chair
  • 30px Imperial Chair HHD Icon Imperial Chair
  • 30px Exotic Chair
  • 30px Writing Chair HHD Icon Writing Chair
  • 30px Sloppy Chair HHD Icon Sloppy Chair
  • 30px Regal Chair HHD Icon Regal Chair
  • 30px Reception Chair HHD Icon Reception Chair
  • 30px Princess Chair HHD Icon Princess Chair
  • 30px Elegant Chair HHD Icon Elegant Chair
  • 30px Mermaid Chair HHD Icon Mermaid Chair
  • 30px Rococo Chair HHD Icon Rococo Chair
  • 30px Kiddie Chair HHD Icon Kiddie Chair
  • 30px Gracie Chair HHD Icon Gracie Chair
  • 30px Lovely Chair HHD Icon Lovely Chair
  • 30px Astro Chair HHD Icon Astro Chair
  • 30px Harvest Chair HHD Icon Harvest Chair
  • 30px Stripe Chair HHD Icon Stripe Chair
  • 30px Modern Chair HHD Icon Modern Chair
  • 30px Polka Dot Chair HHD Icon Polka-Dot Chair
  • 30px Robo Chair HHD Icon Robo-Chair
  • 30px Director%27s Chair HHD Icon Director's Chair
  • 30px Peacock Chair HHD Icon Peacock Chair
  • 30px Basket Chair HHD Icon Basket Chair
  • 30px Hanging Chair HHD Icon Hanging Chair
  • 30px Lefty Desk HHD Icon Lefty Desk
  • 30px Righty Desk HHD Icon Righty Desk
  • 30px Teacher%27s Chair HHD Icon Teacher's Chair
  • 30px Modern Office Chair HHD Icon Modern Office Chair
  • 30px Editor%27s Chair HHD Icon Editor's Chair
  • 30px Salon Chair HHD Icon Salon Chair
  • 30px Theater Seat HHD Icon Theater Seat
  • 30px Massage Chair HHD Icon Massage Chair
  • 30px Massage Recliner HHD Icon Massage Recliner
  • 30px Minimalist Ottoman HHD Icon Minimalist Ottoman
  • 30px Museum Chair HHD Icon Museum Chair
  • 30px Box Shaped Seat HHD Icon Box-Shaped Seat
  • 30px Simple Armchair HHD Icon Simple Armchair
  • 30px Box Sofa
  • 30px Natural Chair HHD Icon Natural Chair
  • 30px Ranch Armchair HHD Icon Ranch Armchair
  • 30px Box Corner Sofa
  • 30px Pav%C3%A9 Chair HHD Icon Pavé Chair
  • 30px Cabin Armchair HHD Icon Cabin Armchair
  • 30px Cabana Armchair HHD Icon Cabana Armchair
  • 30px Gorgeous Seat HHD Icon Gorgeous Seat
  • 30px Counter Seat HHD Icon Counter Seat
  • 30px Stool HHD Icon Stool
  • 30px Wooden Stool HHD Icon Wooden Stool
  • 30px Marshmallow Chair HHD Icon Marshmallow Chair
  • 30px Donut Stool HHD Icon Donut Stool
  • 30px Pipe Stool HHD Icon Pipe Stool
  • 30px Modern Wood Stool HHD Icon Modern Wood Stool
  • 30px Polka Dot Stool HHD Icon Polka-Dot Stool
  • 30px Pink Velvet Stool HHD Icon Pink Velvet Stool
  • 30px Sleek Chair HHD Icon Sleek Chair
  • 30px Gorgeous Stool HHD Icon Gorgeous Stool
  • 30px Blue Bench HHD Icon Blue Bench
  • 30px Green Bench HHD Icon Green Bench
  • 30px Natural Bench HHD Icon Natural Bench
  • 30px Exotic Bench
  • 30px Modern Wood Sofa HHD Icon Modern Wood Sofa
  • 30px Brown Seat HHD Icon Brown Seat
  • 30px Gracie Bench HHD Icon Gracie Bench
  • 30px Elegant Bench HHD Icon Elegant Bench
  • 30px Simple Love Seat HHD Icon Simple Love Seat
  • 30px Cream Sofa HHD Icon Cream Sofa
  • 30px Minimalist Sofa HHD Icon Minimalist Sofa
  • 30px Regal Sofa HHD Icon Regal Sofa
  • 30px Chaise Lounge HHD Icon Chaise Lounge
  • 30px Classic Sofa HHD Icon Classic Sofa
  • 30px Waiting Room Bench HHD Icon Waiting-Room Bench
  • 30px Cabin Couch HHD Icon Cabin Couch
  • 30px Alpine Sofa HHD Icon Alpine Sofa
  • 30px Ranch Couch HHD Icon Ranch Couch
  • 30px Princess Sofa HHD Icon Princess Sofa
  • 30px Rococo Sofa HHD Icon Rococo Sofa
  • 30px Gorgeous Sofa HHD Icon Gorgeous Sofa
  • 30px Modern Sofa HHD Icon Modern Sofa
  • 30px Sleek Sofa HHD Icon Sleek Sofa
  • 30px Stripe Sofa HHD Icon Stripe Sofa
  • 30px Polka Dot Sofa HHD Icon Polka-Dot Sofa
  • 30px Lovely Love Seat HHD Icon Lovely Love Seat
  • 30px Mermaid Sofa HHD Icon Mermaid Sofa
  • 30px Harvest Sofa HHD Icon Harvest Sofa
  • 30px Pav%C3%A9 Sofa HHD Icon Pavé Sofa
  • 30px Kiddie Couch HHD Icon Kiddie Couch
  • 30px Sloppy Sofa HHD Icon Sloppy Sofa
  • 30px Lecture Hall Seats HHD Icon Lecture-Hall Seats
  • 30px Train Seat HHD Icon Train Seat
  • 30px Astro Sofa HHD Icon Astro Sofa
  • 30px Robo Sofa HHD Icon Robo-Sofa
  • 30px Cushion HHD Icon Cushion
  • 30px Round Cushion HHD Icon Round Cushion
  • 30px Round Pillow HHD Icon Round Pillow
  • 30px Zen Cushion HHD Icon Zen Cushion
  • 30px Floor Seat HHD Icon Floor Seat
  • 30px Super Toilet HHD Icon Super Toilet
  • 30px Toilet HHD Icon Toilet
  • 30px Dentist%27s Chair HHD Icon Dentist's Chair
  • 30px Lab Chair HHD Icon Lab Chair
  • 30px Trunk Measure HHD Icon Trunk Measure
  • 30px Sleigh HHD Icon Sleigh
  • 30px Lift Chair HHD Icon Lift Chair
  • 30px Butterfly Machine HHD Icon Butterfly Machine
  • 30px Lat Pulldown Machine HHD Icon Lat Pulldown Machine
  • 30px Iron Garden Chair HHD Icon Iron Garden Chair
  • 30px Lawn Chair HHD Icon Lawn Chair
  • 30px Garden Chair HHD Icon Garden Chair
  • 30px Iron Garden Bench HHD Icon Iron Garden Bench
  • 30px Wood Bench HHD Icon Wood Bench
  • 30px Metal Bench HHD Icon Metal Bench
  • 30px Yellow Bench HHD Icon Yellow Bench
  • 30px Cupid Bench HHD Icon Cupid Bench
  • 30px Modern Bench HHD Icon Modern Bench
  • 30px Bamboo Bench HHD Icon Bamboo Bench
  • 30px Zen Bench HHD Icon Zen Bench
  • 30px Fairy Tale Bench HHD Icon Fairy-Tale Bench
  • 30px Log Bench HHD Icon Log Bench
  • 30px Swinging Bench HHD Icon Swinging Bench
  • 30px Tire Toy HHD Icon Tire Toy
  • 30px General%27s Stool HHD Icon General's Stool
  • 30px Snowman Chair HHD Icon Snowman Chair
  • 30px Snowman Sofa HHD Icon Snowman Sofa
  • 30px Ice Sofa HHD Icon Ice Sofa
  • 30px Ice Chair HHD Icon Ice Chair
  • 30px Jingle Chair HHD Icon Jingle Chair
  • 30px Jingle Sofa HHD Icon Jingle Sofa
  • 30px Spooky Chair HHD Icon Spooky Chair
  • 30px Spooky Sofa HHD Icon Spooky Sofa
  • 30px Egg Bench HHD Icon Egg Bench
  • 30px Egg Chair HHD Icon Egg Chair
  • 30px Sweets Chair HHD Icon Sweets Chair
  • 30px Sweets Sofa HHD Icon Sweets Sofa
  • 30px Mush Stool HHD Icon Mush Stool
  • 30px Mush Chair HHD Icon Mush Chair
  • 30px Watermelon Chair HHD Icon Watermelon Chair
  • 30px Kiwi Stool HHD Icon Kiwi Stool
  • 30px Tangerine Chair HHD Icon Tangerine Chair
  • 30px Flower Chair HHD Icon Flower Chair
  • 30px Autumn Leaf Chair HHD Icon Autumn-Leaf Chair
  • 30px Tree Stump Chair HHD Icon Tree-Stump Chair
  • 30px Azalea Stool HHD Icon Azalea Stool
  • 30px Rose Sofa HHD Icon Rose Sofa
  • 30px Caterpillar Sofa HHD Icon Caterpillar Sofa
  • 30px Stag Beetle Chair HHD Icon Stag-Beetle Chair
  • 30px Beetle Chair HHD Icon Beetle Chair
  • 30px Ladybug Chair HHD Icon Ladybug Chair
  • 30px Red Snapper Chair HHD Icon Red-Snapper Chair
  • 30px Octopus Chair HHD Icon Octopus Chair
  • 30px Squid Chair HHD Icon Squid Chair
  • 30px Froggy Chair HHD Icon Froggy Chair
  • 30px Balloon Chair HHD Icon Balloon Chair
  • 30px Balloon Sofa HHD Icon Balloon Sofa
  • 30px Card Chair HHD Icon Card Chair
  • 30px Card Sofa HHD Icon Card Sofa
  • 30px Patchwork Chair HHD Icon Patchwork Chair
  • 30px Patchwork Sofa HHD Icon Patchwork Sofa
  • 30px Golden Chair HHD Icon Golden Chair
  • 30px Golden Bench HHD Icon Golden Bench
  • 30px Throne HHD Icon Throne
  • 30px Crew Member%27s Seat HHD Icon Crew Member's Seat
  • 30px Space Captain%27s Seat HHD Icon Space Captain's Seat
  • 30px Cardboard Chair HHD Icon Cardboard Chair
  • 30px Cardboard Sofa HHD Icon Cardboard Sofa
  • 30px Fedora Chair HHD Icon Fedora Chair
  • 30px Chair Sculpture HHD Icon Chair Sculpture
  • 30px Eraser Sofa HHD Icon Eraser Sofa
  • 30px Pen Case Chair HHD Icon Pen-Case Chair
  • Cash register ×1

  • 30px Modern Cash Register HHD Icon Modern Cash Register
  • 30px Red Cash Register HHD Icon Red Cash Register
  • 30px 24 Hour Shop Counter HHD Icon 24-Hour-Shop Counter
  • 30px Cash Register HHD Icon Cash Register
  • 30px Money Box
  • Kitchen




    Kitchen furniture ×1

  • 30px Range HHD Icon Range
  • 30px Deluxe Range
  • 30px Stove HHD Icon Stove
  • 30px Kitchen Sink HHD Icon Kitchen Sink
  • 30px Kitchen Island HHD Icon Kitchen Island
  • 30px Sloppy Sink HHD Icon Sloppy Sink
  • 30px Sink HHD Icon Sink
  • 30px Kitchen Dishwasher HHD Icon Kitchen Dishwasher
  • 30px Kitchen Stove HHD Icon Kitchen Stove
  • 30px Kitchen Counter HHD Icon Kitchen Counter
  • Unlocked items




    Unlocked items


  • 29px Round Cloth Table HHD Icon 

    Round-Cloth Table

  • 29px Zen Low Table HHD Icon 

    Zen Low Table

  • 29px Wood Plank Table HHD Icon 

    Wood-Plank Table

  • 29px Lazy Susan Table HHD Icon 

    Lazy-Susan Table

  • 29px Table with Cloth HHD Icon 

    Table with Cloth

  • 29px Imperial Chair HHD Icon 

    Imperial Chair

  • 29px Serving Cart HHD Icon 

    Serving Cart

  • 29px Kitchen Sink HHD Icon 

    Kitchen Sink

  • 29px Candelabra HHD Icon 


  • 29px 

    Exotic Screen

  • 29px Siphon HHD Icon 


  • 29px Afternoon Tea Set HHD Icon 

    Afternoon-Tea Set

  • 29px Chocolate Cake HHD Icon 

    Chocolate Cake

  • 29px Steamed Lobster HHD Icon 

    Steamed Lobster

  • 29px Paella HHD Icon 


  • 29px Imperial Pot HHD Icon 

    Imperial Pot

  • 29px Ceramic Hot Pot HHD Icon 

    Ceramic Hot Pot

  • 29px Fish on Board HHD Icon 

    Fish on Board

  • 29px Blowfish Sashimi HHD Icon 

    Blowfish Sashimi

  • 29px Sushi Tray HHD Icon 

    Sushi Tray

  • 29px Stainless Steel Pitcher HHD Icon 

    Stainless-Steel Pitcher

  • 29px Cutting Board Set HHD Icon 

    Cutting-Board Set

  • 29px Stewpot HHD Icon 


  • 29px Salad Bar HHD Icon 

    Salad Bar

  • 29px Conveyor Belt Sushi HHD Icon 

    Conveyor-Belt Sushi

  • 29px Cash Register HHD Icon 

    Cash Register

  • 29px 

    Metal Box

  • 29px Kitchen Dishwasher HHD Icon 

    Kitchen Dishwasher

  • 29px Kitchen Stove HHD Icon 

    Kitchen Stove

  • 29px Kitchen Refrigerator HHD Icon 

    Kitchen Refrigerator

  • 29px Kitchen Counter HHD Icon 

    Kitchen Counter

  • 29px Propane Tanks HHD Icon 

    Propane Tanks

  • 29px Desk Bell HHD Icon 

    Desk Bell

  • 29px Brick Oven HHD Icon 

    Brick Oven

  • 29px Zen Screen HHD Icon 

    Zen Screen

  • 29px Pot Rack HHD Icon 

    Pot Rack

  • 29px Red Tasseled Lantern HHD Icon 

    Red-Tasseled Lantern

  • 29px Zen Note Card HHD Icon 

    Zen Note Card

  • Interior:

  • 29px 

    Exotic Rug

  • 29px Tatami Rug HHD Icon 

    Tatami Rug

  • 29px Imperial Wall HHD Icon 

    Imperial Wall

  • 29px White Tile Wall HHD Icon 

    White Tile Wall

  • 29px Underwater Wall HHD Icon 

    Underwater Wall

  • 29px Terrace Rug HHD Icon 

    Terrace Rug

  • 29px White Tile Floor HHD Icon 

    White Tile Floor

  • 29px Imperial Tile HHD Icon 

    Imperial Tile

  • 29px Flagstone Floor HHD Icon 

    Flagstone Floor

  • 29px Tatami HHD Icon 


  • Clothing:

  • 29px Chef%27s Outfit HHD Icon 

    Chef's Outfit

  • 29px Sushi Chef%27s Outfit HHD Icon 

    Sushi Chef's Outfit

  • 29px Frilly Apron HHD Icon 

    Frilly Apron

  • 29px Imperial Shirt HHD Icon 

    Imperial Shirt

  • 29px Waitress Dress HHD Icon 

    Waitress Dress

  • 29px Imperial Pants HHD Icon 

    Imperial Pants

  • 29px Sushi Chef%27s Hat HHD Icon 

    Sushi Chef's Hat

  • 29px Chef%27s Hat HHD Icon 

    Chef's Hat

  • Exterior appearance variations




    Happy Home Paradise




    The restaurant can be built after completing 12 vacation homes for Paradise Planning, and can be given a custom name if the player so desires. The building for the restaurant is situated towards the center-north area of the island, just over the bridge. When the facility is first constructed, only the Dining Hall and Kitchen can be designed. Once the player has designed vacations homes for 3 separate pairs of roommates, Lottie will suggest expanding the restaurant with a second floor that can be designed as a Private Room.

    The restaurant is staffed by villagers assigned as the Cashier and Employee, who work in the dining hall, and the Chef and Apprentice, who work in the Kitchen. Three to four other villagers will appear as diners in the Dining Hall, some of these can be potential clients. Two villagers will appear in the Private Room once it has been built, usually these will be roommates, but sometimes this can be comprised of two random prior clients who do not live together. Once a day, the player may speak with the Chef to receive a random cooking DIY recipe.

    When reaching a milestone in their career for Paradise Planning, Lottie may bring the player here to celebrate or give them the choice between going to the restaurant or the café.

    List of recipes obtained from the restaurant




    Building requirements




    Dining Hall








    Private Room




    Unlocked items




    Exterior customization







    Red Roof (Restaurant) HHP Icon.png
    Red Roof

    Orange Roof (Restaurant) HHP Icon.png
    Orange Roof

    Blue Roof (Restaurant) HHP Icon.png
    Blue Roof

    Purple Roof (Restaurant) HHP Icon.png
    Purple Roof

    Tan Roof (Restaurant) HHP Icon.png
    Tan Roof

    Dark-Brown Roof (Restaurant) HHP Icon.png
    Dark-Brown Roof

    Brown Roof (Restaurant) HHP Icon.png
    Brown Roof

    White Roof (Restaurant) HHP Icon.png
    White Roof

    Black Roof (Restaurant) HHP Icon.png
    Black Roof



    Orange Siding (Restaurant) HHP Icon.png
    Orange Siding

    Yellow Siding (Restaurant) HHP Icon.png
    Yellow Siding

    Aqua Siding (Restaurant) HHP Icon.png
    Aqua Siding

    Pink Siding (Restaurant) HHP Icon.png
    Pink Siding

    Beige Siding (Restaurant) HHP Icon.png
    Beige Siding

    Brown Siding (Restaurant) HHP Icon.png
    Brown Siding

    Dark-Brown Siding (Restaurant) HHP Icon.png
    Dark-Brown Siding

    Light-Gray Siding (Restaurant) HHP Icon.png
    Light-Gray Siding

    Black Siding (Restaurant) HHP Icon.png
    Black Siding



    Red Door (Restaurant) HHP Icon.png
    Red Door

    Orange Door (Restaurant) HHP Icon.png
    Orange Door

    Yellow Door (Restaurant) HHP Icon.png
    Yellow Door

    Green Door (Restaurant) HHP Icon.png
    Green Door

    Aqua Door (Restaurant) HHP Icon.png
    Aqua Door

    Pink Door (Restaurant) HHP Icon.png
    Pink Door

    Light-Brown Door (Restaurant) HHP Icon.png
    Light-Brown Door

    White Door (Restaurant) HHP Icon.png
    White Door

    Black Door (Restaurant) HHP Icon.png
    Black Door

    The player can use one of their custom designs for the awning of the restaurant.



    Yellow Striped Awning (Restaurant) HHP Icon.png
    Yellow Striped Awning

    Two-Tone Awning (Restaurant) HHP Icon.png
    Two-Tone Awning

    Blue Striped Awning (Restaurant) HHP Icon.png
    Blue Striped Awning

    Green Striped Awning (Restaurant) HHP Icon.png
    Green Striped Awning

    Candy-Stripe Awning (Restaurant) HHP Icon.png
    Candy-Stripe Awning

    Monochrome Awning (Restaurant) HHP Icon.png
    Monochrome Awning

    Gold-Embroidered Awning (Restaurant) HHP Icon.png
    Gold-Embroidered Awning

    Checked Awning (Restaurant) HHP Icon.png
    Checked Awning








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