Retro ’90s-Themed Arcade Cafe And Anime Pop Up Opens Today In Houston

Popfancy Dessert Bar is back with another outstanding immersive experience. Following their highly popular spring Harbor Lantern Festival experience, the pop-up purveyors have again completely transformed their quarters – this time into an over-the-top retro anime arcade cafe. After much anticipation, the pop-up is finally opening to the public today.

From now until June 19, visitors can take a trip back in time at Popfancy’s retro anime-inspired cafe. Just step inside and behold the dazzling neon ceiling lights, brilliant costume and cosplay, as well as rows of free retro arcade games – including rare Japanese imports – AND a ’90s-themed menu.

Their menu features a variety of “Big Kid Capri Suns” –  made with candies such as Pop Rocks, Ring Pops, and Nerds – retro sweets, ice cold treats, and snack bar items. Featured items include their Pop Rock Punch – made with sparkling pineapple lychee lemonade, crystal boba, and Pop Rocks; the Fizzy Coke Float – a classic float with added whipped cream and chocolate syrup; Poptart Sundae – blue birthday cake ice cream with Lucky Charms, mini Poptarts, and white chocolate drizze; and Big Kid Charcuterie Board Lunchables – multigrain crackers, medley of cheese, cold cuts, and fresh fruit.

The pop-up will also feature cosplay themed weeks. Mech Pilots vs Space Warriors will be the first week’s theme. The second week, from June 3 to 9, the theme will be Arcade Fighters vs Super Heroes. Week three’s theme will be Magical Girls vs Super Shonen. For its final week, June 17 to 19, the theme will be ’90s anime retrospective.

In addition to all of the above, the experience will also provide unlimited photo-ops, live DJs playing ’90s hits, local vendors, and more!

The retro anime cafe pop-up experience takes place from now until June 19 at Popfancy Dessert Bar located at 9393 Bellaire Blvd a6.

To guarantee admission, the pop-up encourages guests to RSVP online through the website beforehand. The pop-up at 9393 Bellaire BLVD also has an available virtual stand-by line after 12 pm for registrations the day of the event.