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Ropes Course

Ropes Challenge Course: Taking Fun to New Heights!

Brace yourself for an exciting adventure! The course features 11 different elements that require balance, dexterity, and focus to conquer, like swinging steps, "tremor bridge", tightrope walk, and vertical angle stairs. "Sky Trail", our Ropes Challenge Course, consists of horizontally strung cables, ropes, boards and other materials secured between steel supports to create elements or activities. Each participant is outfitted with a full body harness and a safety lanyard, or sling line, that is always hooked into an overhead safety system. Participants are then allowed to cross each element by walking, balancing or traversing to the opposite platform. They are encouraged to challenge each element as they feel comfortable. They can either hang on to everything that is provided them or they can even traverse the element without holding onto anything. If they fall, the sling line and harness will not let them go more than 4 inches, and they can get up and continue. Participants can choose their own path through the course while going at their own pace with the ability to pass other participants at each platform. The participant foot level is 12-20 feet off the ground and the session lasts 15-20 minutes per person, with 11 participants maximum on the course at one time. Here are a few requirements: