Sailing Lessons and Classes in San Diego | Harbor Sailboats

How To Get Started!

Join the sailing club and immediately enroll into Basic Keelboat Sailing Class (included with your membership). Upon joining, you will be provided your official textbook, logbook, and our proprietary study guide to prepare for your upcoming sailing lesson. After completing Basic Keelboat, members will have the skills, confidence, and certification to skipper small keelboats within San Diego Bay.

Next, you can build your skills while enjoying morning, afternoon, or full day rentals of 22′ sailboats until you have reached the minimum sea time necessary to enroll in the next level sailing class, Coastal Cruising. From there, you can continue to build skills and confidence throughout the upper range of rentals and sailing lessons accessed as a member of the club.

Harbor Sailboats prides itself on having the most professional and experienced sailing instructors teaching aboard the newest fleet of boats in Southern California. We look forward to building the foundation of your sailing career!