Sarasota Golf – Where to play.

Sarasota Golf Courses are many
along the Sun Coast.

With the number of Sarasota Golf courses; public, semi-private and
private over 30 in Sarasota County alone, plus several more sprinkled
along the Sun Coast, you’re sure to find that at least one of these
Sarasota Florida golf resorts has the right look and feel for your level
of play.

You can also find golf in Sarasota that will both get your competitive juices flowing and hopefully lower your handicap.

In picturesque settings it's no wonder that our courses are
some of the most famous in the nation, including the Jack Nicklaus
designed "The Concession," a private course in Bradenton.

If you're looking to play a course close to the water, in this
case the Gulf of Mexico, try LAKE VENICE GOLF CLUB on Harbor Drive in
Venice, Florida. It's just across the street from the ocean (gulf) and
the famous Venice Fishing Pier. There you can often enjoy a nice gulf
breeze blowing in and a challenging course in great shape.

What's your favorite Sarasota area golf course?
Share your favorite course or best tip now!

Sarasota Golf Vacations

Of course many of our visitors intentionally time their Sarasota Golf
Vacations for after the hot, dog days of a Florida summer and wait
until fall, winter and spring. And that’s understandable. Not everyone
is built for the rugged Florida summers.

But there are many bargains to be found in off season, which do
disappear later in the year, including lower greens fees and cart

Couple that with uncrowded courses and lower summer rates and you
can have a ball playing golf, golf, golf along the Sun Coast in the off

Then all you have to do is remember to bring along plenty of water and sunscreen. Summer golf tip: use sunscreen with a 30 UVA and UVB factor or higher for the bright Florida sun.

In fact you can pick up the “Big Summer Golf Card” at
participating Sarasota Florida golf courses, good from May through
October, for roughly $60, or less if they're running a promotion, and
play both Sarasota County and Manatee County golf courses as often as
you like, plus be able to get prime tee times all while saving up to 50%
off greens fees and carts.

There are over 100 courses to choose from with the Big Summer
Golf Card all along the Sun Coast. It's a great deal and just a little
something for you to think about as you plan your golf vacations of the

Once the weather turns cooler, though, and the winter snow birds
and vacationers arrive, the prices, along with the crowds, go up.

Golf Resorts Sarasota Florida

One of the most popular golf resorts in the region is the Longboat Key
Club on Longboat Key which features, on the Island side course, an 18
hole championship course. And on the Harbor side course there are three 9
hole courses.

Sarasota Florida Golf Courses

The quality of golf courses in Sarasota and the sun coast is, as you might expect, exceptional.

Which Sarasota Golf Club to play?

Play as many as you have time for.

Don't pick a "favorite" Sarasota
golf course too soon. You'll never find out what else is out there!

I have even been able to find a year round three-for-one deal in
Venice and Nokomis, Florida at Capris Isles, Calusa Lakes and Waterford
Golf Club, which offers, combined, a total 63 holes, each with its own
variety of play. They are three challenging golf clubs with four
membership options.

Sarasota Golf

In any event, get your gear together, polish up your irons, buy a new
driver and putter and get set for the challenge of our Sarasota Florida
golf courses.

Put your clubs in the trunk and head out to new horizons,
green fairways and beautiful vistas.

Sarasota Golf – Public Courses: With about a dozen public golf
courses scattered along the sun coast from Bradenton to Sarasota to
Venice, you should be able to find one that fits you like a (golf) glove
in this directory of

Sarasota County Public Golf Courses.

Sarasota Golf – Semi-Private Courses: There are at least 17
semi-private Sarasota County Golf Courses in the area. A “semi-private”
course or club has members, but also allows non-members (the public) to
play. A semi-private course means that usually the members pay less than
non-members and the members get advantages on tee times, etc. A
semi-private course is usually privately owned and caters to a
membership but also allows non-members to play for a flat fee.

Click here for the Directory of Semi-Private Sarasota Courses.

Sarasota Golf – Private Clubs: In most cases, Private Golf Clubs
are the crème de la crème of the golf world. While not the “be all and
end all” to everyone, should the opportunity avail itself unto you,
don’t pass it up. Most avid golfers would beg, borrow or steal to work
their way onto a private course. So if you have a friend, relative or
acquaintance who’s a member of one of the private Sarasota Golf Courses
consider yourself lucky when invited to play. Click here for a Directory

Private Golf Courses.

Golf Jokes: As we all know, golfers the world over are amongst
not just the most competitive and self critical of all sportsmen, but
also the most kind natured and good humored, (after they recover from a
bad golf day of throwing clubs, cussing and stomping their feet, that
is!) So, what better place to poke fun at ourselves than on our own Golf
Jokes page? Which reminds me…The last time I played golf on a Sunday I
asked my playing partner if he thought it was a sin to play golf on
Sunday. He said, “Pal, the way you play, it’s a crime any day of the
week!" (Rim shot!) Here are more golf jokes!

Hungry after a hard day out on the links? Check our dining pages for ideas about Sarasota Restaurants.

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