Take A Sneak Peek Inside Sublimotion, The World’s Most Expensive Restaurant

Fancy restaurants have had a rough ride lately. First, we had the infamous Bondi Assbergs incident, then, just this week, upmarket Italian restaurants – from Venice to Sydney – came under fire for a sexist tradition.

Shooting on over to Dubai, however, Instagram community RKOI (aka, Rich Kids Of Internet), yesterday came out with a bit more of a positive endorsement for the luxury restaurant sector, sharing a video of “the most expensive restaurant in the world.”

The video shows off an incredible looking restaurant in Dubai, where the average cost of a meal is $2,000 per person.

The video shows meals hanging from glass balls, blow torches, and incredible projections across almost all surfaces in the restaurant. And where is this feat of feasts? It’s a place called Sublimotion – a restaurant in Ibiza, Spain, which has been named the most expensive restaurant in the world for years – and which has now opened in Dubai, too.

According to Lux Review, dining at Sublimotion is “a futuristic, innovative, immersive, and exclusive experience,” in which the ambience of the room change over the course of the night, “ensuring that the appropriate mood is set for each bite.”

“The restaurant also includes virtual reality technology, a number of spectacles, and the inventive creations of 2-star Michelin chef, Paco Roncero,” (Lux Review).

What justifies the wild price tag? Not only is the food supposed to be great, but Sublimotion puts a lot of effort into building an atmosphere.

According to the restaurant’s website, Sublimotion is a place “where innovation, art and technology combine to create dramatic culinary delights in an original and compelling atmosphere.”

“It’s a spectacular hi-tech show around a fantastic epicurean encounter that quite literally turns the dining room into a stage, the staff into actors and the lucky diners into stars.”

The dress code is smart and elegant. Naturally, no thongs, sportswear, beachwear, torn jeans or flip flops are permitted.

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