Texas Defensive Driving Course

Texas Defensive Driving Course

Our 6-hour online defensive driving course is designed to help Texas drivers learn more about road safety through a digital environment.


This course is approved by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) and can be used to dismiss a traffic ticket, earn a car insurance discount, and fulfills employer and court-mandated driving safety requirements.


Getting a ticket isn’t a pleasant experience. It can also quickly damage your driving record as points add up from citations. That’s why we recommend taking an online defensive driving course (also called a driving safety course) that’s TDLR approved.


Reasons to Take a Texas Driving Safety Course


A Texas driving safety course gives you the opportunity to learn about Texas traffic safety laws and best practices.


This course may also help you reduce your insurance rates – be sure to contact you insurance company for full details.


Get Your Ticket Dismissed With Our Texas Defensive Driving Course


The more traffic tickets and points you receive, the more likely you are to lose your license. A defensive driving course can help prevent that.


Here’s how it works: Ask the court for permission to take an online defensive driving course. You can request permission by phone, in-person, or in writing on the back of your citation. You should also meet the defensive driving requirements which includes:

  • Valid Texas non-commercial driver’s license.
  • You haven’t completed a defensive driving course within the past 12 months.
  • Your ticket was for less than 25 MPH.
  • You didn’t receive your ticket in a construction zone.


Bring the necessary documents and forms to court (or mail them in) including your Texas driving record, your signed citation that pleads guilty, and any other documents that the court requires.


Once you’ve received permission, register for DriveSafeToday’s online defensive driving course. Complete the course within the time period that the court allows (normally within 90 days).


Send your certificate of completion and your official TX driving record to the court. This can be done by mail, email, or in person. They’ll let you know when your ticket has been dismissed.


Qualify for an Insurance Discount With the Texas Defensive Driving Course


Taking a defensive driving course opens opportunities to reduce your insurance premiums. In fact, some providers take 2%-10% off your monthly insurance bill for completing a defensive driving course.


Contact your insurance provider to determine if you qualify for an insurance discount for taking a Texas driving safety class. If you do qualify, check how long the discount will last.


Next, register for the defensive driving course and complete. You’ll then receive a certificate of completion that you can send to your insurance provider who can apply the discount.


How The TDLR-Approved Online Defensive Driving Course Works


An online defensive driving course teaches you the ins and outs of Texas traffic laws, best driving practices, and more.


Here are a few other important details about DriveSafeToday’s course:

  • Self-paced course on your schedule.
  • No final exam – you’re guaranteed to pass as long as you complete the course.
  • The course is also available as an audio narration.


The best part? You can take DriveSafeToday’s TDLR-approved online defensive driving course from ANYWHERE – it’s 100% online. No need to sit in a stuffy classroom for six hours. You can complete this course at your own pace, on any device. You are not required to complete the course in a single sitting.


Note: For drivers attempting to dismiss a traffic citation, permission to take this course is granted by the court listed on your citation. Please note that the state of Texas only allows a defensive driving course to be used once every 12 months for this purpose.


Texas Online Defensive Driving Course Certificate


Drivers completing our online defensive driving course will receive a certificate of completion via email. Physical certificates can be shipped via USPS First Class or Priority Mail Express for an additional charge.


Drivers may be required to present this certificate to the court, an insurance provider, or an employer


Texas Driving Record


If you’re trying to get your ticket dismissed, you’ll also need to present an official copy of your Texas driving record to the court (in addition to your certificate of completion).


Not to worry, we also offer the option to receive your driving record through DriveSafeToday so you can get your ticket dismissed in no time. We can obtain and provide you with an official Texas Type 3A driving record.


You can visit DriveSafeToday's Texas Driving Record page to learn more.


Sign up for a Texas Approved Defensive Driving Course


Taking a Texas online defensive driving course doesn’t have to be complicated. DriveSafeToday makes it simple.


Start by creating an account with DriveSafeToday. You can then easily begin the course and complete online – whether you’re in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, or any other city/county in Texas!


Our course at DriveSafeToday is approved throughout the state and a great option to help you dismiss a traffic ticket and receive an insurance discount.