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Welcome to Pailin Thai Cafe

At our Thai restaurant in San Diego, CA, we prepare delicious and nourishing traditional Thai food that will delight your taste buds and fill your belly. 

Every day, we create exquisite meals crafted by skilled cooks who utilize the finest and freshest ingredients. We simply never cut corners on quality and we aim at satisfying you every time you come to our establishment. 

The health of our customers is of primary importance. We only use the best of the best products such as the tenderest white meat for our poultry dishes cooked with the best quality, cholesterol, and trans-fat free vegetable oil. Additionally, we never utilize MSG in our food, so we can better ensure each dish will provide a healthy, filling dining experience.

We also offer an array of vegetarian options for you to savor. 

Beautiful Thai Dining

We’ve crafted an authentic experience where you can absorb the beauty of traditional Thia art and flavorings. Our ambiance suits any occasion and always provides a relaxing and pleasing time. 

Lastly, we staff talented and friendly people who provide exceptional service that will leave you impressed. We only staff professional and hard-working individuals who will do whatever they can to please you. 

Please call ahead at (858) 674-4665 to ensure seating for large parties.