The 15 Best Italian Restaurants Near Tempe | boam

How did these spots get chosen?

We know how time consuming it can be to find the best Italian restaurants in Tempe . For these results, 823905 restaurant reviews were analyzed, 11589 restaurants’ Yelp and Google reviews were captured, and exactly 692 lists and articles from Phoenix Mag, USA Today and Eater and others were carefully reviewed by boam. Don’t bother looking for Phoenix Mag – Top 100 Restaurants in the Valley of the Sun, USA Today – 10 Best Restaurants in Tempe: From College Hangouts to Global Eats and Eater – 16 Essential Phoenix Pizzerias – we’ve already done so for you and included all you need to know. Our engine uses real-time data to only show restaurants that are open and their updated available services, so you can actually enjoy the food we show. Our site gets no money for featuring restaurants in this list – everyone’s earned their place. These ten options are sure to delight.