The Best Online College Chemistry Courses for Credit in 2022

Chemistry is a fascinating subject that has become far more accessible to students through online learning. There are online college chemistry courses available that will develop or advance your knowledge just as effectively as in-person courses. Whether you’re a high school student considering college options or you’re a working professional looking to upskill, online college chemistry courses for credit can accommodate you. 

Online chemistry classes cover the foundations of chemistry and teach organic and general chemistry principles at a college level. Start your career in chemistry by enrolling in online college chemistry classes and earning those college credits from wherever is best for you through these independent study courses. 

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Why Should I Take an Online Chemistry Course for Credit?

You should take for-credit online chemistry courses not only because it is cheaper than on-site courses, offers a flexible schedule, and is more convenient due to its electronic structure, but also because it provides you with the opportunity to learn everything an on-site class would. 

Online chemistry courses are great for people who want to earn a college education but have busy schedules that make it difficult. Through online learning, you will gain foundational knowledge of your chosen subjects through complete lessons you can access at any time, given you have the proper technology requirements.

Also, while attending a local or out-of-state college can be an incredible and enriching experience, not everyone enjoys in-person participation, and that’s okay. There are many accredited, prestigious universities that provide these college credit courses, while other service providers like StraighterLine are certified by the American Council on Education. 

Top 10 Online Chemistry Courses for Credit 

Course Title

Introduction to Organic Chemistry (CHEM X18)
UC Berkeley Extension

General Chemistry 2 (CHEM 060)
Integrated Science Program
$550, plus registration fee ($1,750 to $2,187), plus $60 application fee

Organic Chemistry 1 (CHEM 021)
Integrated Science Program
$550, plus registration fee ($1,750 to $2,187), plus $60 application fee

Organic Chemistry 2 (CHEM 022)
Integrated Science Program
$550, plus registration fee ($1,750 to $2,187), plus $60 application fee

Organic Chemistry I (CHE 231E/CHE 231LE)
Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
$460 per credit hour

Organic Chemistry I (OCHM311)
Southern California University of Health Sciences

General Chemistry I
$49, plus a membership fee of $99

General Chemistry I Lab
$49, plus a membership fee of $99

Organic Chemistry I (CHEM-40010)
UC San Diego Extension

Organic Chemistry I (CHEM 1020/CHEM 1020L)
University of New England

Best Online College Chemistry Classes and Courses: Explained

1. Introduction to Organic Chemistry (CHEM X18)

This course is a non-lab online chemistry course provided by University of California Berkeley extension. The program studies the molecular structure of organic compounds and their application in industrial processes. With this program, you will have three semester units available for credit.

2. General Chemistry 2 (CHEM 060)

This is an intermediate-level chemistry program provided by Integrated Science Program (ISP). This course covers general chemistry principles like thermodynamics, biological systems, and electrochemistry and provides either four or five credit units depending on what your destination school approves.

ISP is an online college-level course provider that offers for-credit university courses. Prestigious universities like Stanford, Touro University, and Arizona State University have accepted credits from ISP courses. To be eligible for this program, you need to have a high school diploma and have completed the General Chemistry 1 ISP program.  

3. Organic Chemistry 1 (CHEM 021)

Another ISP-provided course is Organic Chemistry I. In this course, you will study aromatic and aliphatic carbon compounds, as well as electrophilic and nucleophilic mechanisms. Students will look into organic chemistry techniques for absorption, chromatography, and extraction. 

To be eligible for this online college course, you must have at least a high school diploma and have completed the General Chemistry I course from ISP. This online format class will give you either four or five credit units. 

4. Organic Chemistry 2 (CHEM 022)

This ISP program dives deeper into the organic chemistry fundamental principles by studying simple organic molecules and biological chemistry macromolecules. You will understand their role in metabolism and how they can be found in living systems. This course is the continuation of the one previously mentioned, so you’ll need to complete it before enrolling in this course. 

5. Organic Chemistry I (CHE 231E/CHE 231LE)

Provided by Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, this course is self-paced with hands-on-experience online courses that will show you the core elements of organic chemistry. You will learn the meanings and uses of nomenclature and stereochemistry, as well as the nature of carbon-containing compounds. 

This program includes an online lab where you’ll practice and learn more about organic chemistry firsthand. This course includes four credits; three for lecture lessons and one for laboratory sessions. 

6. Organic Chemistry I (OCHM311)

This organic chemistry course is provided by Southern California University of Health Sciences. It covers core fundamentals for inorganic chemistry techniques and the reaction of carbon compounds. To participate in this course, you will need to go through the General Chemistry I program offered by the institution. This course will give you four credits, one from the lab, and another one from lecture lessons. 

7. General Chemistry I

This is a self-paced practice-oriented program provided by StraighterLine, a for-credit course provider partnered with accredited universities like Bellevue University, Berkeley College, and American Public University. This program studies chemical reactions, the periodic table, atomic structure, quantum theory, and intermolecular forces. With the course, you will earn three credits for university.

8. General Chemistry I Lab

This program, also provided by StraighterLine, will help you understand the basic chemistry concepts of general chemistry through practice. You will have an at-home lab to practice experiments and track results. You will need to complete the General Chemistry I course from StraighterLine and purchase the lab kit that will be delivered to your house. This course will give you one unit credit. 

9. Organic Chemistry I

This course is provided by UC San Diego Extension. It covers general chemistry topics like chemical equilibrium, chemical structures, how to read them, nomenclatures, and atom hybridization. This course will give you four-and-a-half credit units. The upcoming starting date is April 4, 2022. 

10. Organic Chemistry I (CHEM 1020/CHEM 1020L)

This is an introductory and lecture-only course provided by University of New England. This program will teach students about core organic structures like nomenclatures, stereochemistry, conformations, and functional groups. This program will give you three credit units. 

Top 5 Free Online College Chemistry Courses

  • AP®︎/College Chemistry | Khan Academy. This free chemistry course provided by Khan Academy will help you develop introductory-level chemical skills. You will learn about atomic structures, molar mass, molecular and ionic compounds, and intermolecular forces. 
  • Biochemistry: Biomolecules, Methods, and Mechanisms| edX. This is an MIT-provided chemistry course that teaches you about biochemistry fundamentals. You will learn about protein structures, hemoglobin functions, and research methods. The program is instructor-paced and lasts around 11 weeks. The program is completely free, but if you want to get a certificate, you will have to pay between $50 and $300.
  • Organic Chemistry 1 | Jawaharlal Nehru University. This ongoing postgraduate, 15-week program will give you core chemistry competencies. This course covers topics like aromaticity, carbocation, and reaction dynamics. This course is awarded by the Jawaharlal Nehru University and provides four credit points. 
  • Introduction to Chemistry: Reactions and Ratios | Duke University via Coursera. This free online chemistry course provided by Duke University will teach you about compound elements, chemical compositions, reactions, matter, and energy. This course is free with the exception of the certificate of completion.. 
  • Advanced Chemistry  | University of Kentucky via Coursera. If you seek more advanced chemistry courses, this free University of Kentucky course is for you. It takes around 17 hours to complete and covers topics like chemical equilibrium, kinetics, acid-base equilibria, and aqueous equilibria.

Are Online Chemistry College Courses Worth It?

Yes, online chemistry college courses are worth it, especially if you’re pursuing a degree in Chemistry and a job in the chemistry industry or a related field. Through your online studies, you can earn credits from schools like UC Berkeley and MIT, which is sure to impress potential employers. Advance your studies by joining the wave of online students enrolling in online courses for college credit today.

Online College Chemistry Courses FAQ

Can I take general chemistry online?

Yes, you can take online general chemistry courses online. You will receive both labs and its respective video lesson to guide you, while learning about core general chemistry fundamentals.  

Is general chemistry online hard?

General chemistry can be hard even with in-person classes because of its complex concepts. However, some people find it better to study remotely as they can go at their own pace and focus on concepts they find more challenging. 

How do remote labs work?

Remote labs are usually hands-on experience programs. Some courses provide you with at-home kits with guided lessons that allow you to experiment with materials and interact with chemical reactions. 

Do colleges accept online labs?

Not all colleges accept online labs for chemical engineering. You will need to demonstrate that you’ve had an in-person experience with the material. 

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