The Mission Old Town Gluten-Free – Scottsdale – 2022

I had a poor experience on my visit here, but don’t want that to completely color this review as I did take away some positives.

First the positives

1. The food I had was very tasty
2. The hostess and waiter were friendly

Now the negatives

1. Took a long time after being seated before I ever saw my waiter. He apologized and blamed a shift change.
2. I had read, and was told by the hostess upon my arrival that they catered to those who had gluten issues. This proved to be a half truth at best, as they in most instances they only serve things that are naturally gluten free. Things like chips to go with salsa or guacamole were a no go, as I was told they don’t have a dedicated fryer for gluten free.
3. Ditto on any gluten free beers, they don’t hav any.
4. A very small margarita was $14.00! A side of corn… $8.00! Three miniature bbq tacos… $12.00. I left $36.70 lighter (before tip) and still hungry!

To be clear, everything tasted good, but the price and lack of gluten free offerings makes this place a non-starter for any future visits for me.

Your mileage may vary.