These Hilarious Restaurant Signs Will Make You Cry With Laughter

It’s amazing how creative restaurants can be when it comes to luring potential customers with welcome signs. Sometimes though, they can actually have the opposite effect. You’ll be rolling on the floor in stitches after reading these hilarious restaurant signs.

Beatable Feast

Like McDonald’s, KFC is right up there at the forefront of fast food restaurants and is probably the most iconic deep-fried chicken outlet on the planet. So you would expect them to be able to get their welcome signs right. Of course, they meant to write on this sign “Unbeatable Feast.” However, all it took was the omission of one valuable letter, “B” in “unbeatable,” and this restaurant becomes an instant laughing stock. We’re still going to eat there though, without question.

Want Some Over-Time?

Many restaurants like to pride themselves on the fact that they stay open for six days of the week, or maybe even every single day of the week. However, we have come across a restaurant that claims to be open for not six, not seven, but EIGHT days of the week. Not only that, but they also manage to close every Sunday too! It appears that this restaurant has one more day in their week than others, it is called “Not-a-day.”

restaurant 38

Mind Blown

Not only are the writers of El Arroyo’s welcome signs masters of the cheeky pun, as well as the silly dad jokes; they also like to delve into philosophy every once in a while. Many have come out of the Austin-based restaurant feeling like they have learned a thing or two. When you think about it, they are right: clapping is a little bit like hitting yourself because you like something. Make sure you don’t like it too much though, otherwise you might break your wrist.

restaurant 18

Why Not Good, Cheap and Fast?

This sign clearly demonstrates a problem with the fast-food industry. Restaurants pride themselves on delivering their meals fast that they sometimes forget to maintain the quality of their food. It’s safe to say that a lot of fast food is both fast and cheap. However, whether it is good or not is often up to debate. Why can’t restaurants tick all three boxes? To be honest, as long as the food is good, we don’t care if it’s cheap or fast.

restaurant 40

Mommy Issues

We’ve all been there before. You were working extremely hard on your maths equations in class, and all of a sudden, an instinct sinks in. You need some help, your mind has gone into overdrive and you just can’t figure out the answer. So what do you do? You call the teacher for assistance. However, instead of referring to her as “Mrs. What’s-Her-Mame” as you should, you subconsciously say “Mom” by accident and the entire class laughs at you. This sign is dead on.

restaurant 31

Purring For Lunch

Some restaurants and cafes have bizarre stipulations that allow customers to receive some sort of discount. Some cafes knock off a dollar if the customer says please when they ask for their coffee on the way to work. Then there is this restaurant, which is offering to take 10% of your bill. There is one condition though: you have to say “meow” 10 times when you order! “Why,” you ask? We have no idea. It’s just hilarious to imagine a restaurant full of customers pretending to be cats.

restaurant 11

No Soup For You!

It looks like somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed today. This restaurant must have a tendency to have a daily special. However, we just caught the one day that the chef decided that there would be no special on the menu. Maybe he was fed up with the customers, so it was his way of punishing them. We just want to reassure all regular eaters at “GNTRBT” that you are special, and you deserve better than this.

restaurant 12

Best Bad Meatball Sandwich

In this day and age, virtually any experience can be reviewed online. If you go on vacation and stay in a hotel, you can give an online account of how good or bad it was. The same applies to any restaurant. So when this team of cooks went on Yelp and found a scathing review about their popular meatball sandwich, they felt compelled to make a point that only one person on the planet actually hated it.

restaurant 42

Canine Crimestoppers?

Once again, El Arroyo just can’t put down their thinking cap. One of the restaurant’s workers sat down one day and genuinely thought to themselves, “do dogs see police dogs and think ‘Oh No, it’s the cops?'” It’s a good question, but we think we know the answer to that one. However, we’re not going to share our thoughts on the matter. All we’ll say is that dogs have proven to be useful investigators. You can make your own mind up on that one.

restaurant 21

Food Makes the World Go Round

It’s one of the ugliest truths about society: everyone is connected through the power of money. Everyone needs to live and as a result, seeks support from others. Restaurants need customers to keep going and the people who work at those restaurants need money to feed themselves, as well as their loved ones. The customers of those restaurants go to those restaurants because they also need to eat. It’s a vicious cycle, but this sign sums it up in just seven words.

restaurant 5

The Key to His Heart

It’s so true. El Arroyo has revealed an undisputed truth once again. Look, relationships require lots of giving, time, patience and loyalty. You need to be a good listener and be able to make compromises. However, one of the most important requirements for a successful relationship is understanding what each other wants to eat. If you can master the art of selecting good places to go out to eat on a day to day basis, then your love will surely last.

restaurant 32

Clear Instructions

Sometimes, words just aren’t enough. You might just need a diagram to accompany that message in order to get your point across. At most swimming pools, you have signs telling swimmers to not dive in the shallow end, with a picture of someone diving with a red circle around it and a line going through. It looks like this bar has had some rowdy customers in recent times and decided to design a similar looking sign. Whatever it takes to create a friendly atmosphere.

restaurant 7

No Rhyme, No Reason

Like all art forms, poetry is subjective and will affect people in different ways. The likelihood is though that Shakespeare, Frost, and Bukowski would be turning in their graves if they saw this ghastly excuse of a poem at the Alex restaurant. However, the writer of this piece even admits in their own poem that it is a difficult art form to master. This doesn’t take anything away from the obvious passion they have for their own bacon and steaks.

restaurant 3

Baby Got Puns

Many casual fans will recognize this nifty little pun from the song “Anaconda” by rapper Nicki Minaj. However, many young people don’t realize that the line actually came from the classic Hip-Hop song “Baby Got Back” by Sir Mix-A-Lot. So the line has actually been in the pop subconscious long before Nicki even got a record deal. We expect nothing less from the staff at El Arroyo, who have proven time and time again that they are true pop aficionados.

restaurant 29

Following Orders

Everyone wants to have a healthy working relationship with their boss. Ever seen the movie Horrible Bosses? No one wants to get into those situations with the people above them. So when one member of staff was told by his boss to write “something witty and thought-provoking” on the welcome board, he took the order word for word. He even wrote in parenthesis that this is what his boss told him to write. Either this person is trying to be funny or needs to listen a little better.

restaurant 6

Just Horsing Around

Not only does El Arroyo’s writers specialize in cheesy dad jokes and philosophical insights, they give their customers little brainteasers to chew on while they wait for their meal. So what would you rather do: fight 100 duck-sized horses or 1 horse-sized duck? To be honest, we’d prefer the former. We can imagine these little horses galloping around our feet almost like a classier version of dogs. Not as fierce as a horse-sized horse, but with the same charm. Just kick ’em.

restaurant 16

Vegan = Anti-Social?

Probably not the best pun that the writers at El Arroyo have ever written, but we get what they were intending. However, someone who avoids “meet” could also be a social vegetarian. A social vegan is more like somebody who completely avoids all living things. A social vegetarian is more selective about who they mingle with. Maybe we’re getting a little carried away with the metaphor, but El Arroyo has the ability to get us thinking about the most trivial things.

restaurant 19

Traveling Back in Time

There are many restaurants and cafes that are themed and hark back to a variety of classic eras. There are 20s themed bars, 80s restaurants, old-school American diners, and jazz bars that feel like they came out of the 50s. Then there’s a fascinating little restaurant that is specifically set in 1995; a time when WiFi was not a thing and as the writer suggests, customers actually had to talk to each other, face to face. Or, maybe they just didn’t have a router fitted yet.

restaurant 36

What Goes In Comes Out

The concept of Karma has been used in various corners of modern culture. It has arisen in movies, songs, and as you can see in this image, restaurants. Although we’re not sure if this eatery actually subscribes to the Eastern philosophy, it seems like the principle they have provided in their sign works well with the theme of the restaurant. “You will be served what you deserve” appears to be a reference to the more common phrase “what goes around comes around.”

restaurant 33

Honest Reference

If the owner of the restaurant would not eat in it, it would be a pretty clear sign that there is something horribly wrong with the place. Having said that, it is still not what you would expect to read on a sign placed strategically outside the restaurant, as a quote from the owner is not exactly a fool-proof guarantee this place is worth splurging on for lunch. At least the sign is honest about its references, which is somewhat reassuring.


Just Eat It

Most normal restaurants provide menus with a variety of options to please as many tastes and dietary requirements as possible. Some people like carb-based meals, others are looking for some protein in their lives. Some people are vegans/vegetarians, and some are not. However, here’s a situation where a traditional menu has been substituted for a cool little questionnaire. The only problem is that basically, every outcome ends up with meat. So, for those of you who don’t eat meat, stay clear.

restaurant 24 e1518697027256

Desperate Measures

To be honest, we were unaware that society was on the verge of collapse. However, this restaurant owner seems to have a reliable source telling them that it might just be the right time to close their store. We’re pretty sure they meant that they were just closing for the evening. At any rate though, things must’ve gotten pretty bad in this neighborhood for such desperate measures to be taken. We’re looking out the window right now and everything seems to be fine.

restaurant 37

Boastful Babushka

Here’s another classic from the charming staff of El Arroyo. In this particular sign, they have cited inspiration from Russian dolls, also known as, Babushkas. These dolls are known for opening up and having smaller versions inside the bigger versions. This keeps going until you reach the tiniest version and it is practically impossible to open any more. This is why this particular joke works so well, as Russian dolls are literally “full of themselves.” Ironically, they appear to be fairly modest.

restaurant 20

Absolutely Punishing

The puns just keep on coming! Just to clarify for those who might not get the joke: the term “mean” in mathematics is basically another way of saying average, depending on the context. So when one of the staff members at El Arroyo wrote the joke “My math teacher called me average. How mean!”, they knew that it would only make people laugh who were familiar with the term. This goes to show that even something as mundane as math can be fun, at times.

restaurant 28

Who Doesn’t Love Bacon?

Religious and ethical reasons aside, is there really an acceptable reason not to love bacon? It is pretty much the most delectable piece of food on the planet. A gift from a higher plain, some might say. It appears that this restaurant is extra passionate about their bacon and are even prepared to alienate potential customers who for one reason or another, don’t eat it. It’s a bold statement, but maybe it does more good than bad for the company.

restaurant 14

Insta-Foodies Watch Out

Instagram has become a thriving platform for all the foodies out there who don’t just love the taste of what they are eating, but the look of it. We become so mesmerized by our dishes that we can’t help but freeze them in time with the art of photography and share our pics with the world. There is one restaurant by the name of Racket that gives the most fitting of freebies for their customers: a free concussion.

restaurant 25

Can We Celebrate Anything These Days?

This sign from El Arroyo highlights an ugly truth about today’s society. The world we live in has gone crazy with political correctness that it’s difficult to say anything these days without offending somebody. There are many situations now where it is becoming increasingly difficult to even say “Merry Christmas.” Afraid to alienate those who do no celebrate, institutions are finding ways to be all-inclusive. This sign hits that message home in the most sarcastic way.

restaurant 30

The Art Of Convincing

Whether you have just had a horrible day at work or received great news from a close relative, it seems like going out for a beer is the perfect solution. There isn’t a time where meeting some friends at your local bar isn’t an instant mood pick me up, and this joint definitely plays on their customers’ heartstrings using that analogy. To be completely honest, we would be lying if we said we were not convinced by this sign in the slightest.


Revenge On The Restaurant

This Chinese restaurant better have its lights fixed – and fast – since they would most likely lose a huge cut of their diners with a sign like this. Since the light in the letters “D” and “Y” stopped working, a hilarious outcome appeared – the restaurant sign reads the word “nasty.” This could very well be a fair warning made by someone who dined at this restaurant and wanted to avenge the food poisoning he received right after leaving the restaurant.


Appropriate Footwear Required

An oft derided fashion choice is the socks with sandals look, most likely because sandals are specifically designed to be worn without socks. Some intrepid dresses, however, choose to venture out attired as such either due to laziness or chronically cold feet. This restaurant has made it its mission to stop these fashion offenders in their tracks, fearing that the unsightly trend will ruin the appetites of their patrons. Perhaps they should just provide slippers so everyone can keep their feet warm.


Jumping The Gun

As the hipster movement continues its forward march into the depths of America, those original souls who were rehabilitating neglected neighborhoods before anyone else found them desirable. These urban pioneers gained a reputation for their love of the obscure, who would abandon each movement the moment it went mainstream in order to seek out something else that hadn’t yet been discovered by the general populace. Unfortunately, these harbingers of innovation also gained a reputation for being snobs.


Shizzling Hot Soup

In an homage to the Snoop Dogg from days gone by, this Vietnamese restaurant was happy to capitalize on one of his famous phrases in this clever pun. Though a good pho restaurant needs no clever names in order to win over the hearts of its customers, it never hurts when one manages to evoke a chuckle or two. As the aromatic soup continues to win fans across the USA, eventually names like this might became a necessity.


End Of The Line

They say that all good things come to an end, but as this restaurant sign points out, food is one of the few great offerings from life that doesn’t foretell an ending. Our friends and partners may come and go, but food will always be the one thing we can’t survive without. Well, maybe water too, but at least its another substance that comes without all of this negativity. Nobody needs that kind of sadness in their lives.


Fat Chance

Working out is a way of living for some. Certain people, especially those who get into the habit of exercising daily, cannot imagine a day that goes by without a morning jog, an afternoon weightlifting session and an hour-long visit to the gym at night. However, those who find breaking a sweat to be tiring and unnecessary absolutely dread it. And in all truthfulness, most people would agree that splurging on a piece of pie and latte is much preferable than attending a pilates class.


Egg-knowledge Me

Sometimes keeping things simple is the best thing that you can do when trying to sell. If mimes make an entire living out of passing a message without uttering as much as a single word, surely a sign could do just as well with only one word. And while we have to applaud the attempt at extreme minimalism, there is no denying a different word could have been used to emphasize just how wonderful the food inside the restaurant is.


Fried Mind Tricks

If this brilliant sign worked, this concept could be gold for the restaurant in the picture. Just imagine – the chef could decide which product he wanted to get rid of every day, and would instruct the board painter to brainwash passersby to come into the restaurant and demand whatever he wanted to run out. We can only speak for ourselves when we say the sign definitely has an effect, as we personally cannot wait to get our hands on a piece of crunchy bacon.


Can Buy Me Love

If there was ever a sign that could entice a fight between a loving couple casually strolling down the street, this would most likely be it. The “prove that you love me” statement is worn out, it can often be heard in sitcoms as a way of nagging. The owner of this restaurant was smart enough to have this sign printed out in huge letters above a bold red background. That way, no one will miss it and will have to buy the next round out of guilt.


50FT Drink Anyone?

It is well documented that you can get some real bang for your buck at McDonald’s. However, when this hungry customer showed up at the golden arches, they couldn’t believe what was being offered to them. Normally, $1 for any size soft drink would sound like a great deal. Look a little closer though, and you’ll see that the marketing team put up a 5 by accident, instead of an S. 50ft drink, anyone?

restaurant 35

All the Single Daddies

There seems to be a day dedicated to everyone these days. There’s obviously Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, but did you ever stop to consider those individuals who might know that they had a child with someone? As you can see on this welcome sign, the writer has targeted some of the prime stereotypes of reckless daddies: “poolboys, milkmen, and tv repair guys.” So, if you work in any of those professions, this special day might actually be dedicated to you!

restaurant 42

Wet Burger Anyone?

It looks like Burger King has decided to take a page out of El Arroyo’s book – putting up a new sign each day to make passersby think that they have a sense of humor. Apparently, Spongebob Squarepants of all people is the boss of this particular chain. We strongly doubt it. However, if he did, we can’t imagine wanting to drop by for a burger. For a start, the burgers that his staff are serving must be incredibly soggy!

restaurant 4

Taco Truths

One thing is for sure, if there is one thing that the people at El Arroyo love to write about on their welcome signs, it is one particular food item – tacos. This makes sense, seeing that the restaurant prides itself on its Tex-Mex bundles of joy. In fact, we could probably have an entire slideshow dedicated to El Arroyo’s signs that are purely dedicated to all things taco. However, this one is probably our favorite, mainly due to the fact that it’s true.

restaurant 2

No Thanks

There are many things out there that people are willing to eat or drink for the right price. Try a plate of snails, a bottle of tequila with a worm buried at the bottom or a plate of fried locusts. The list of acquired tastes goes on and on and on. However, we don’t think that this restaurant is going to get too many customers based on their slightly confusing sign: “Eat Jessica’s Family.” Maybe Hannibal Lecter will eat here. With that said, he is a fictional character.

restaurant 3

Human Burger

Here is another restaurant that cannibals might have a great time at. Imagine a place where the main ingredient of your favorite burger was actually people. Yeah, we wouldn’t go if you paid us. We get what the marketing team at this Wendy’s chain were trying to do. What they mean is that their staff and customer service are the keys to their success. Or maybe it’s the great atmosphere created by the customers. No, we’re still confused.

restaurant 5

Nothing Feels as Good as Nachos Taste

Are you really that surprised to see another epic El Arroyo sign? Well, you shouldn’t be because you’re about to see a few more. The Tex-Mex restaurant has built up a reputation of not only offering delicious food for great prices but for also having a stellar sense of humor. Now, as good as it feels to be able to fit in your favorite pair of jeans, doesn’t it feel better to pig out on nachos and tacos? We’d say so, and so would El Arroyo.

Restaurant Signs PA 1

Social Distancing

Let’s be real here, people — 2020 was a crazy year, to say the least. The whole world basically shut down at one point, and people were forced to stay at home for an extended period of time. While some individuals found hobbies or binged all of Netflix, others ate… they ate a lot. We can’t judge, though, because we definitely fall into that category. With that being said, this El Arroyo sign makes a very good point. A little social distancing from the fridge can’t hurt.

Restaurant Signs PA 2

Inside Jokes for Days

Ha! If this isn’t the ultimate dad joke, then we don’t know what is. In all seriousness, though, it is nice to see people make light of the current situation that we’re all facing. After all, we can all agree that 2020 wasn’t the easiest of years. With that in mind, we think it’s safe to say that we could all just use a laugh once in a while. Thanks to this El Arroyo sign, we definitely had a good chuckle.

Restaurant Signs PA 3

We Will, We Will Rock You!

Sing it, Freddy! There are plenty of ways to spread the message that masks are required in public places such as restaurants or stores. But this — this sign — is spectacular in every which way. Not only does it communicate to customers that they will need a mask to enter the eatery, but it also does it in the most hilariously creative way. So, people, please don’t be a big disgrace by spreading your germs all over the place.

Restaurant Signs PA 4

Some People Were Kung Fu Fighting

Once again, the squad of geniuses at El Arroyo have an earth-shattering observation. There is no denying that the song “Kung Fu Fighting” by Carl Douglas is one of the most iconic songs of the disco era. However, have you ever stopped to think about the lyrics? “Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting.” Now, Mr. Douglas, we have to side with El Arroyo on this one. There is no chance in hell that every single person on the planet in 1974 was trained in such martial arts.

restaurant 1

Dance Till You Drop

We have an inkling as to what the writer of this restaurant sign may have been alluding to, but we’re not going to spell it out for you. It is obviously a pun. Some people just can’t help but get off their seats and do a little dance. It seems like one of the cooks at this particular restaurant couldn’t help but do the Hokey Pokey while he was preparing the salads. Thankfully though, he got over his addiction.

restaurant 1

The Elephant in the Restaurant

Sometimes, a sign doesn’t have to be relephant where its restaurant is concerned (see what we did there?) Signs can just be a pun, the kind of joke that only dad’s tell, but we can’t help but laugh at it anyway. It might not seem obvious, but you can tell if an eatery is worth trying out if they have some charm or a sense of humor. El Arroyo has both of these in abundance; in mammoth quantities, if you will.

restaurant 22

So Much Choice

Normally, a drinks menu just shows you a list of the beverages, that are available to buy. However, this restaurant decided to accompany the names of the drinks with an image of each, showing the way they look in a cup that includes some ice. The only problem comes when over half the drinks look the same on the menu. The restaurant would’ve been better off accompanying each drink with a bottle rather than this.

restaurant 23

Good Question

Sometimes, all it takes is a picture of a velociraptor looking like it’s thinking hard to bring in the customers. Jokes aside, the image would be meaningless without the message that accompanies it. Seriously, how could you turn down a slice of pizza for $1? This restaurant went on to make the point that this is one of those rare pizzerias that sell their pizzas at such a cheap price. Whether this works or not, there is no denying that one member of staff here is an extremely talented illustrator.

restaurant 8