Top tips for creating your new restaurant in Happy Home Paradise

One of the facilities that you'll be able to build in the new Happy Home Paradise DLC for Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a fully working restaurant. You'll have to create the dining area for your clients to grab the latest dish of the day, and the kitchen in the back where they actually make the meals. With that in mind, here are five top tips for creating your new restaurant in Happy Home Paradise. 

Decide what type of restaurant you want to create

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Before you start creating, you'll want to have a think about the kind of restaurant you want to provide for the folks on the archipelago. With all the items available in the game, you have quite a few options to choose from. You could make an American diner, with the classic 50s-inspired decor or opt for an Asian seafood restaurant with live fish walls to bring your vision to life. You could also do something akin to a French bistro too, or opt for a definitely 100% original fast-food chain with the help of custom content. 

Think about your seating and tables first

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Once you've decided on the theme for your restaurant, you'll then want to start by placing your tables and chairs. This is a space where your diners and serving staff will be moving around in, so make sure to leave plenty of space between the furniture for them to navigate successfully to their table. Placing the seating areas first will also help you define your space, and realise just how much room you'll need for the other elements. Don't forget, in order for your restaurant to tick all the boxes for Lottie, you'll need at least four chairs, two tables, and a cash register – so think about that when you're designing too. 

Have fun with the extras

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Regardless of how much time you spend picking out your furniture and other items, your restaurant will only be brought to life when you start adding extras. Getting the wallpaper right is key, like diner walls or exquisite walls, as that can make or break your space. And don't forget you can add an accent wall if needed too. 

Then it's time for adding all those details like paintings, accessories, and ceiling lights that really finish off your space. After all, what restaurant is really worth going to if the walls aren't adorned with conversation starters. 

Don't forget the kitchen

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While it's tempting to just focus on the area your diners will see, take some time to add a kitchen to your restaurant too. It's here that your chef and their apprentice will be making the meals, so they'll need a space to get prepping. Add stoves, counters, and other culinary equipment to really make this feel like a working kitchen. Because, after all, it is!

Keep coming back for visits

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Now that you've made your restaurant, what's quite unique about this space is that it benefits you to keep coming back to check in on your creation. Not only will you find new potential clients sitting at the tables enjoying their meal, but if you head on back into the kitchen and speak to the chef, you'll get a daily present – one of the brand new cooking DIY recipes! It's a great way to complete your cookbook and ensure you get access to another recipe every day, guaranteed. 

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