U.S. Open future sites through 2051

The Country Club in Brookline, Massachusetts, is now in the rear view mirror.

Up next is a trip back to the west coast, to the Golden State, in 2023.

Down the road: trips to Pinehurst, Oakmont and Shinnecock.

Pinehurst in particular will be more of a fixture for the national championship going forward. In announcing its anchor site strategy, the USGA confirmed that future U.S. Opens will be held there in 2024, 2029, 2035, 2041 and 2047.

Also, the USGA has declared that Oakmont, the famed course near Pittsburgh, will be a second “anchor site” for future national championships. The course, already set to host the U.S. Open in 2025, was awarded dates in 2034, 2042 and 2049.

There are U.S. Opens scheduled out through 2051, although not every year between now and then has a location or exact dates yet.

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