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I've been to plenty of online schools & this UoP is my top choice. It's one of the fewest universities that offer a competency program & it's within 4 months. It provided me the flexibility to turn in assignments whenever I want. No following a schedule… Read More or calendar. I felt the courses were fairly challenging & fair. I'm giving it 4 stars due to an experience I had with a course & overall quality of the program. Although it was a technical degree, it's mainly focused on papers & literature. There were no labs or anything. It's a tech degree & there should be labs. Second, I had a bad experience with a professor that was a harsh grader I had to retake the course. Pretty much half the course failed. He was one of the worst professors I have ever taken. I almost ended up wanting to drop the program entirely all because of him. But was able to punch through & pass the retake course with flying colors! And within a shorter time. Other than that, I completed the program for just $10k with great flexibility. So I can't complain. For the remainder of reviews that say their degree is useless, my response to them is You Make What You Can With Your Degree! You can't JUST rely on your degree to get a job. The world has become more competitive & talented. You need to put yourself to the top & showcase your skills & resume. Lastly, if you just want a paper (degree) to pass a checkmark with HR, this is it. If you are expecting to get a high end corporate job with this degree, look elsewhere. Government doesn't mind, if that's your goal.