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University of Phoenix Online classes are a joke. I graduated with a 3.95 which I was very proud of, but after thing about it, I am not really that proud. The classes were not challenging in any way. All discussions with my classmates were minimal at best. Many people were getting credit for making the most ignorant statements and not giving the rest of us anything to work off of to make our daily comments. I did not learn a thing from any of my classes. With that being said, I am held monthly to extreme loan payments, which started out around $22,000 and have now ballooned up to over $45,000 now even with regular payments. When I signed up for school, I was not helped as I should have been with the process. I went to one of the campuses, set up with an "advisor" who did not ask me much at all… just pushed me to sign the papers for the loans. It is all about the money for them. No best interest of the student at all. The school is not worth anywhere near the original $22,000 I got loans on. When I tell people I got a degree from UoP, they laugh and ask why the heck I went that route. The school advertises their "education" on people who do not have another option… single parents, people who cannot get loans to attend other schools, etc. This is a bad practice and they should be ashamed to call themselves accredited. Taking my money to pay joke "professors" who I found out are just students themselves a lot of times. After I received an associate's degree, I was never even contacted to either move forward with my bachelors, or on how satisfied I was with the classes. I would not have moved ahead with them anyway, but that is what should have happened. I should have had some support. DO NOT ATTEND UoP Online. You will be very disappointed.

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