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"If you are looking to get a Bachelors degree in Information Technology, I would highly consider you to reconsider. At least reconsider as to what school your going to. I completed my bachelors in Information Technology here at UOP, but what I have learned is that it's useless. I walked away with a single cert, and nothing more which as you may already know, in the IT world. They care very heavy on certs. And you need at the very least the very basic certs such as A+. I got a bachelors in information technology and I don't have any of the basic certs. I am only learning this after having gotten my degree and checking out the career field. I would recommend you to go on indeed or another job search website, in your local area and type in whatever it career field you want. See what certs you need and go from where. A lot of the jobs require you to have some years of experience in whatever field, at least 2 years but they supplement those years of experience if you have a masters. But again… CERTS. If you dont have any certs, your not going to get into the IT field with just a degree. The company will choose someone who has a degree and all the certs and more, over you with just your IT degree. They will also hire someone with just CERTS and no degree over someone who just has a IT degree and no certs. Because the certs show that you know what your doing. The degree doesn't. Keep this in mind if your going to get a degree in IT. I would also look at another school and see or ask what are all the IT certs you are going to walk away with when completing the program. I walked away with only 1 cert. That was Netowkring+. Thats it. And it still doesnt help me get a job. Just keep that in mind when looking for a job before you decide to spend your GI bill or personal money into getting a degree."