Welcome to Favori Restaurant

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Welcome to Favori Restaurant

If you are looking for diverse, delicious fusion cuisine, you have come to the right place. We are known around town for serving the best Vietnamese dishes. Yelpers, don't believe those raving reviews? Come to our restaurant and try out our baked cat fish. You won't be disappointed.


" As good as it is, everything pales besides Favori's beautiful, huge catfish." 
The OC Weekly

" The romantic Favori restaurant is known for its broiled catfish, and French and Vietnamese offerings. But dig into the menu a bit, and you'll find the restaurant also offers a good bowl of pho. A blue awning welcomes diners to the restaurant, which is perhaps the star of this list: " 
Orange Coast Magazine

" The food is incredible and the staff are awesome. Never before have I wanted to lick a plate clean in a restaurant but tonight I wanted to. " 
Mark W., Elite Yelper

" This place should get a trophy for how good the catfish is. It’s the moist, fresh and delicious. You can never go wrong with the fish here. It’s crispy on the outside and the inside just melts in your mouth. " 
Tina M., Yelper