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Western herbalist courses and careers

Western herbalist workplaces

There are multiple fields to work in as a qualified Western herbalist. After you complete your Western herbal medicine degree and become qualified, you are likely to work in one of the following places:

Clinic practitioner

As a team member in an established clinic, you would gain the benefit of working with more experienced practitioners and have the chance to learn more about complementary and multi-modality therapies. You would also gain first-hand knowledge on how to manage and run a clinic and team, as well as expand your skillset as a practicing herbalist.

Many who graduate from Western herbal medicine courses go on to open a private practice. As the owner and operator of a small business, you will be able to choose work hours and days, but will also be responsible for implementing marketing strategies, gaining malpractice and other insurance, and managing the day-to-day operations of the clinic. Once successful, you will have the opportunity to expand and hire more practitioners within the Western herbal medicine industry.

Health retreats and day spas

Working within a health retreat/day spa will give you the experience of seeing multiple patients, and expand your face-to-face customer service and interpersonal skills. You will also have the opportunity to continue advancing your learning in a different environment. You would gain a deeper understanding of how complementary therapies such as acupuncture or massage are important to incorporate alongside herbal remedies.


Those who graduate and gain a few years of experience can also go on to work in the education sector. These opportunities include lecturer or professor for those studying the Bachelor of Health Science (WHM) or a private tutor. You could complete post-graduate studies immediately, or work within the academic field of herbal medicine for a few years first. Research and academic work is an extremely important area for herbalist practice, as continuing to gain deeper knowledge about how herbs interact with each other, and different chemical compounds furthers the entire field.

Product development

Western herbal medicine is an expanding field, and more opportunities are being created to formulate tonics, tablets, and creams, among other treatments. All these new products need trials and testing, as well as research, in order to be deemed safe for consumers. Applying your skills in this area not only helps you to grow your own skill set and knowledge about herbs, but also benefits practitioners and consumers, to ensure the herbalist sector continues growing in a safe and ethical way.

Corporate roles in sales and marketing

If you have a business background and enjoy corporate roles, sales and marketing is a great way to put your knowledge of herbal remedies to good use. This is a rewarding field to work in, especially if you have great interpersonal and communication skills. You would be on top of all the latest developments and trials, and have the opportunity to continue to expand your knowledge on up-to-date techniques and practice.