What Are Correspondence Classes?

Correspondence classes allow students to fulfill coursework in their field of study independently and remotely, then return the completed work either by postal service or electronic mail. Continue reading to learn more about correspondence classes.

Correspondence Classes

Correspondence classes are a form of distance education. In most cases, text books and coursework are sent via paper mail or e-mail. Correspondence students complete their coursework independently, and on their own schedule, in a given amount of time. Completed work is sent back to the school for grading, and any diplomas or certificates received as a result of classes are also shipped via mail.

Important Facts About Correspondence Classes

Key Skills Discipline and time-management; patience, self-reliance
Possible Courses Macroeconomics, astronomy, introduction to fiction, music history
Levels of Study Primarily undergraduate; some graduate courses are avaialbe
In-Person Requirements Some programs require that exams be taken on campus or proctored

Correspondence Students

Many postsecondary schools still use correspondence classes to reach non-traditional students who may not have access to college campuses or computers for online courses. For example, universities that serve rural populations or elder students often offer distance education in the form of correspondence courses. Because of the portability of this type of class, the U.S. military offers correspondence classes to service men and women who are deployed but wish to further their academic studies or career training.

Sample of Educational Organizations Offering Correspondence Classes

Correspondence classes can be found at Purdue University, the University of Arizona and in the U.S. Army, among other institutions. Each of these has a distinct reason for offering this type of educational opportunity; examples are provided below.

Purdue University

Ranked 61st among national universities by U.S. News and World Report as of 2016, Purdue University offers pest control management correspondence education through its Digital and Professional Education division. Classes allow pest control professionals to learn the latest technology in pest management without needing to interrupt their professional schedule.

University of Arizona

The University of Arizona offers correspondence classes through its Outreach College. Credit and non-credit college and high school courses are available in subjects such as accounting, political science and writing.

U.S. Army

The Army Institute for Professional Development offers the Army correspondence course program. This program allows soldiers and personnel to continue their education and training while deployed or performing duties that make it difficult to attend in-person classes. Academic and defense-related courses are offered.