“A Christmas Story Live!” changed the infamous racist Chinese restaurant scene, and Twitter is cheering – HelloGiggles

In some awesome Monday-morning-news, A Christmas Story Live! changed the infamous Chinese restaurant scene — and fans are impressed with Fox’s decision to update the controversial moment. In the original 1983 movie, as well as in the Broadway musical, a group of Chinese waiters sing “Deck the Halls” for Ralphie and the Parker family on Christmas day, but the “joke” is that they mispronounce “Fa la la la la” as “Fa ra ra ra ra.” By today’s standards, the scene is both wildly racist and insensitive.

Luckily, last night’s live musical opted to turn the scene — and the punchline — on its head. The updated scene entailed a group of Asian waiters (the a cappella group The Filharmonic) sing an absolutely perfect rendition of the song, ending with a simple, yet poignant, “What were you expecting?”

Here’s the original, super offensive version of the song for comparison:


And fans are raving about the 2017 update.

Fans of the original film will also notice that the production included a diverse cast of star-studded actors, including Maya Rudolph as Mrs. Parker and David Alan Grier as the department store Santa Claus. There were many happy Tweets about the inclusive casting, proving that viewers are paying attention, and that these choices make an impact and mean a lot to general audiences.

It’s safe to say the modern spin on the classic Christmas movie was a huge success, and we’re personally so glad the producers and creative team decided to implement these changes.