A Complete List of All AP Classes

Updated May 21, 2020

Due to COVID-19, 2020 both AP exams and classes are being held online. Students can access live classes and recordings on the AP YouTube Channel. Visit their website to view the daily course schedule.


AP Exams are being held online during the month of May, with makeup exams in June. View the complete schedule here.


For many students, the introduction to AP classes can seem a little bit overwhelming. At some high schools, there are dozens to choose from. At other high schools, there many be none or only a select few. Students might wonder what other options exist if they choose to self study.


For any student interested in AP classes, it’s important to know what’s out there. In this post, we’re going to provide our complete list of all AP classes (and exams) along with our data on which tests are the most popular and which have the highest pass rates.


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Complete List of AP Classes


Let’s get started with the complete list. Here, we include all AP classes, regardless of whether or not they culminate in an AP exam.


AP Capstone Diploma Program

  • AP Research

  • AP Seminar


AP Arts

  • Studio Art 2-D Design

  • Studio Art 3-D Design

  • Art History

  • Studio Art Drawing

  • Music Theory


AP English

  • English Language and Composition

  • English Literature and Composition


AP History and Social Sciences

  • Government and Politics (Comparative)

  • Government and Politics (US)

  • Human Geography

  • US History

  • World History: Modern

  • European History
  • Macroeconomics

  • Microeconomics

  • Psychology


AP Math and Computer Science

  • Calculus AB

  • Calculus BC

  • Computer Science A

  • Computer Science Principles

  • Statistics


AP Sciences

  • Biology

  • Chemistry

  • Environmental Science

  • Physics 1: Algebra-Based

  • Physics 2: Algebra-Based

  • Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism

  • Physics C: Mechanics


AP World Languages and Cultures

  • Chinese Language and Culture

  • French Language and Culture

  • German Language and Culture

  • Italian Language and Culture

  • Japanese Language and Culture

  • Latin

  • Spanish Language and Culture

  • Spanish Literature and Culture


*Classes that have some element of performance task weighed as at least part of the assessment


It might seem impossible to choose an AP track with so many possible options. If you aren’t sure which classes to take, consider your possible career track or interests and try to take classes that are well suited to them. In addition, if you’re interested in classes that aren’t typically offered as part of the traditional high school curriculum, like psychology or economics, by all means consider taking one of those classes.


The bottom line is that your AP choices should show some versatility across subject areas but also some specialization in areas of interest.


So, Which AP Exams Are Most Popular?


For a little bit more of the bigger picture, take a look at this data from the 2018 test administrations. Here you’ll be able to see the top ten most popular AP exams, and how many students took each is nationwide.


AP Course/Exam
# of Exam Participants (2018)

English Language and Composition


United States History


English Literature and Composition


Government & Politics (United States)




Calculus AB


World History






Human Geography


Data taken from CollegeBoard