A Comprehensive Honolulu Sushi Guide | Prince Waikiki

A Comprehensive Honolulu Sushi Guide

A Comprehensive Honolulu Sushi Guide

Photo of Sushi at a Honolulu-Based Eatery.Photo of Sushi at a Honolulu-Based Eatery.When visiting Oahu, travelers not only have the opportunity to learn about the island’s Hawaiian culture and history but that of Japanese immigrants as well. Approximately 100 years ago, Japanese residents constituted nearly 43 percent of the population, forever transforming the island’s architectural and cultural appeal. One constant Japanese influence here in Oahu is the culinary arts, mainly sushi. Other points of interest remain the Japanese Cultural Center of Hawaii, the annual Okinawan Festival, and the Byodo-In Temple.

The 10 Best Sushi Restaurants in Honolulu

Prince Waikiki is also the proud home to the only KatsuMidori Sushi Tokyo location outside of Japan. This comprehensive, 10-stop Honolulu sushi guide provides a glimpse into the city’s bustling Japanese-style culinary scene, starting, of course, with KatsuMidori. Upon arrival, ask Prince Waikiki’s concierge team about other Japanese landmarks, restaurants, and influences.

  1. Photo of the Yokozuna Sushi Platter at Honolulu's KatsuMidori.Photo of the Yokozuna Sushi Platter at Honolulu's KatsuMidori.KatsuMidori Sushi Tokyo

    : Indulge in fresh, high-quality seafood flown straight from Tokyo, Japan. Shrewd patrons order the Yokozuna, an ultra-popular, 13-piece set accompanied with a glass of sake (or two).

    100 Sails Restaurant & Bar

    , located inside Prince Waikiki, also crafts sushi in the form of poke, temaki, and other rotating dishes.

  2. Doraku

    : After exploring Kapiolani Boulevard, step into Doraku’s inviting, wood-laden eatery. For those dining with a group of four to six, the “Doraku Sapphire” deluxe platter provides an all-encompassing taste of Japan.

  3. Mitch’s Fish Market and Sushi Bar

    : Don’t let the hole-in-the-wall exterior deter a visit to Mitch’s Fish Market, a popular spot for some sushi before or after a flight. The plate presentation is only outmatched by the sheer freshness of the fish.

  4. Sushi Sasabune

    : As one of Honolulu’s only omakase experiences, King Street’s Sasabune effectively provides a culinary voyage across the Seven Seas of flavor.

  5. Maru Sushi

    : Honolulu’s most intimate dining experience just might be Maru Sushi, yet another omakase-only establishment featuring an eye-popping culinary show time and time again.

  6. Morio’s Sushi Bistro

    : Morio’s is beloved for its laid-back, BYOB dining experience. But don’t overlook the simplistic yet utterly delicious maki rolls and donburi.

  7. Yanagi Sushi

    : Yanagi, a staple since 1978, remains loyal to its long-standing customers. Owner-chef Haruo Nakayama continuously crafts fresh, innovative dishes boasting distinctive flavor combinations.

  8. Sushi Murayama

    : Sometimes the laid-back atmosphere of a Japanese dive outweighs a fine dining encounter. So much creativity and flair exits from behind the sushi bar at this oft-overlook Sheridan Street eatery.

  9. Yohei Sushi

    : Yohei remains a popular hangout spot for Honolulu Community College students in desperate need of some authentic Japanese cooking between classes.

  10. Sushi Izakaya Gaku

    : The dazzling plate presentation at Gaku is second to none. It’s yet another King Street restaurant with little-to-no curb appeal, but that doesn’t stop droves of travelers from entering with an appetite.

Upscale Hotels in Waikiki: Stay with Style at Prince

Photo of an Oceanfront Room at Prince Waikiki, Home to Some of the Best Sushi in Honolulu.Photo of an Oceanfront Room at Prince Waikiki, Home to Some of the Best Sushi in Honolulu.Hopefully, this comprehensive Honolulu sushi guide provides a proper glimpse into the city’s diverse culinary scene. Top-rated Prince Waikiki has multiple on-site dining options, including the aforementioned KatsuMidori Sushi Tokyo, 100 Sails Restaurant & Bar, Hinana Bar, and in-room service. Click on the links below to learn more about the hotel’s many offerings, as well as the island’s best attractions and mid-day activities. As usual, a Prince Waikiki concierge will be able to assist in identifying potential activity matches. When ready to book, simply check availability online (or call directly at 855-622-7558).