A fried chicken restaurant run by 7 YouTubers has opened its first branch after initially operating as a ghost kitchen. See inside.

A fried chicken restaurant run by 7 YouTubers has opened its first branch after initially operating as a ghost kitchen. See inside.

Front of the restaurant in Wembley, BoxPark.

The restaurant is located in Boxpark, Wembley.

Sam Tabahriti/Insider

  • Sides is a fried chicken food chain that was initially only available on delivery services. 
  • Launched by Youtubers The Sidemen, the first restaurant has recently opened in Wembley, London.
  • They plan to expand to multiple US locations before the end of the year. 

Sides is a fried chicken food chain that launched in November 2021 by a group of seven Youtubers. Until now, it was only available on delivery services.

The front of the restaurant in Wembley.

The restaurant is located in Boxpark, Wembley.

Sam Tabahriti/Insider

The brand was launched by The Sidemen, a team of YouTubers, including KSI, Miniminter, Zerkaa, Ethan (also known as Behzinga), Vikkstar123, TBJZL, and W2S.

The Sidemen appear in the picture, apart from KSI.

Sides was initially an online delivery service available via Uber and Deliveroo.


Behzinga told Insider they were thrilled to have opened their first branch in Boxpark, Wembley, because “it’s fast-moving, agile, and thrives online, so it felt like a perfect fit for a brand built by creators.”

A glimpse of the entrance at BoxPark, Wembley.

Boxpark houses various companies on its premises and has three locations: Shoreditch, Wembley, and Croydon.

Sam Tabahriti/Insider

The group works in partnership with Reef, which transforms urban spaces into community hubs that create jobs and bring new goods, services, and experiences to a chosen area.

The shoebox is a signature move.

The XIX Box Chicken, or “The Shoebox,” is a signature meal and costs $16.

Sam Tabahriti/Insider

The menu offers a range of fried food from chicken to loaded waffle fries, as well as a fan favorite: mac’n cheese bites.

The menu as it is shown in Boxpark.

The Sidemen wanted to be more accessible to their fans.

Sam Tabahriti/Insider

They also offer the XIX Box Chicken or XIX Box Vegan Chicken — otherwise known as The Shoebox, which includes a main, a side, a drink, and a dip.

The XIX Box Chicken

The Shoebox sells at $16.

Sam Tabahriti/Insider

The Sidemen wanted Sides to be more accessible for their fans while also appealing to a new audience. “So creating a physical experience that everyone can enjoy was an obvious next step for us,” Ethan said.

An employee is prepping a fried chicken box for a customer.

Fried chicken can be covered with crispy onions, jalapenos, and a dip of choice.

Sam Tabahriti/Insider

Employees have said that since the restaurant opened it’s created a frenzy and fans are constantly asking after The Sidemen. Two Reef employees told Insider about their expansion plans and ambition to open more stores in various locations in the US by the end of 2022.

5 employees are standing in Sides' kitchen.

They have between 11 and 19 employees at Boxpark, including part-timers and full-timers.

Sam Tabahriti/Insider

The option of having both a ghost kitchen and a physical store “is the sweet spot and we’re excited to roll out more physical locations alongside our virtual offering,” Ethan said.

The friers.

Ghost kitchens are becoming very popular as more delivery-only options become available.

Sam Tabahriti/Insider

A range of vegan sauces is available including BBQ, Louisiana, Teriyaki, Chipotle, XIX Buffalo, Korean BBQ, Garlic Vegan Mayo.

All various dips.

There is a wide range of dips.

Sam Tabahriti/Insider

There are two burgers, including a vegan option and the option to choose your preferred sauce to go with it.

Chicken Burger (left) and Vegan Burger.

The Chicken Burger (left), and The Vegan Burger.

Sam Tabahriti/Insider

Insider’s Sam Tabahriti trying the Chicken Burger.

Insider's Sam Tabahriti trying one of the fried chicken burger

Sam Tabahriti/Insider.

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