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Hawaii has some of the most amazing golf courses in the world. Scroll to find out everything you need to know about golfing on Oahu and the best Oahu golf courses to visit!

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Are you planning a trip to Hawaii and want to golf? Hawaii is pretty famous among golfers as an awesome golfing travel destination!

While it can be a long flight from the Mainland and flight costs are something of a splurge, golfers will be in absolute heaven.

There are several ways to indulge in A-level linking while being on a trip with family or spouse.

After all, the world agrees that Hawaii is the perfect destination for family vacations, honeymoons, romantic escapes, corporate getaways, and even destination weddings.

And once you step in the island, your Hawaiian trip will not be complete without hitting at least one of its scenic Oahu golf courses.

With abundance of things to do and places to see in Hawaii, prioritize golf is not the most convenient task.

But golfers visiting Oahu will be well-served when they manage to slip a little time out from the itinerary to fit in some time on the links.

These Oahu golf courses neither break the bank nor require you to be a champion of the game.

With that said, should you be interested to challenge yourself at one (or more) of these fairways, the island of Oahu will ensure exotic and enjoyable rounds of golf.

With prestigious, private, and public golf courses, there is variety galore. Explore these Oahu golf courses, Hawaii.

the Best Oahu Golf Courses featured by top Hawaii blog, Hawaii Travel with Kids.

Oahu Golf Courses FAQs

How many golf courses are on Oahu?

Oahu has 40 golf courses, which is more than any other Hawaiian island.

How much does it cost to play golf in Hawaii?

The prices vary greatly and there’s a huge discount if you are a Hawaii resident. Public courses can be as cheap as $24 while private courses can run up to $200.

Which Hawaiian island is best for golf?

While many Hawaiian islands have gorgeous golf courses, I think Oahu is best simply because they have so many to choose from.

Top Oahu Golf Courses You Need to Check Out

If this is your first trip to Hawaii, you might not have a particular Oahu golf course in mind. Here’s a breakdown of some of the best golf courses on Oahu.

Located just 45-minutes away from downtown Honolulu, the Turtle Bay course is a stunning gem of Oahu’s North Shore and one of the most well-kept Honolulu golf courses. the Best Oahu Golf Courses featured by top Hawaii blog, Hawaii Travel with Kids: image of Turtle Bay Golf Course on Oahu

Set adjacent to the Pacific, Palmer golf course has an attractive oceanfront layout that drives players all the way from the south. Surrounded by other adrenaline-gushing spots like Pipeline, the course enjoys a vacation vibe.

It was intentionally designed by Arnie in a way that the course meanders through natural wetlands and dense Hawaiian jungles. The reason was to protect the players from ever-present coastal winds.

Kid-Friendly Note: When traveling with family, there will be plenty of activities to keep kids and spouse entertained if they don’t golf. The age-bar or age-limit for children is not defined.

So, it is best to call before driving to the golf course. You can also snag in early hours or late-day tee time to ensure golfing doesn’t take too much of the daylight hours.

Located 40 miles away from downtown Honolulu, Kahuku is one of Oahu’s public golf courses.

It is a simple, 9-hole golf course that does not want you to dig deep into your pocket. And yet it offers the same waterfront layout as Turtle Bay.

However, there are definitely somethings missing, which is important to note. Kahuku Golf Course has no frills like an on-site restaurant or pro-shop. But it does have a Coke and snack vending machines in the clubhouse. Players come here to enjoy instead of indulging in serious play.

Kahuku is the best if you are a beginner.

Kid-Friendly Note: Players can bring their families here to enjoy picnic while getting to play some rounds of golf. The golf course allows you to bring your own snacks, beverages, and lunch to enjoy at the seaside. There are picnic tables in the golf courses.

Kids are welcomed here, but the age bar is not defined. We recommend to skip Kahuku if you are traveling with a kid who is 7 or younger.

Oahu golf courses span across the entire island, so you won’t need to drive far away from the hotel for the links. If you wish to stay closer to your accommodation, you can play at Ala Wai Golf Course that is located just across the Ala Wai Canal. the Best Oahu Golf Courses featured by top Hawaii blog, Hawaii Travel with Kids: image of Ala Wai Golf Course on Oahu

In fact, it is not unusual for golfers to stick to Waikiki. It holds a Guinness World Records for hosting 500 single rounds of Hawaiian golfing in a single day.

Despite being the busiest, it does not hold you in a tee time queue for longer than an hour. You may even get lucky to around its lush playable without a tee time. The chances maybe slim but it happens.

There is a Pro Shop at the golf course. Club rental, golf merchandise, and hand cart rental are available here. Though just 5 minutes away, it has on-site restaurant and snack bar for quick bites.

Kid-Friendly Note: The golf course is open for everyone – beginners and intermediate players alike. There is a kid-friendly driving range. It does has a minimum age requirement. The kid should be at least 5 years old to be allowed in the driving range.

Tropics Mini Golf Course

When it comes to kid-friendly golf courses, miniature golf wins fair and square. And there is a plethora of mini golf courses on Oahu scattered throughout the island.

However, one that combines golf with family outdoor fun is Tropics Mini Golf Course.

True to its moniker, it is laden with foliage and gives off tropical vibes. The theme is elaborated a little more by geckos that can be spotted in the lush vegetation, a faux volcano in the golf course, and greenery abound.

It is easy to forget that the verdant golf course is located in a commercial district. If you are celebrating your kid’s birthday in Oahu, you can even plan a private party in this tropical golf course.

Tropics has no age bar or limit. From a month old to 60 years old, everyone is welcomed to play here. The 18-hole golf course of Tropics is easy and flat save a few challenging holes that will keep kids of all ages engaged.

Kid-Friendly Note: Before playing, inquire beforehand if there is a birthday party ahead of you. Otherwise, you may find yourself stuck behind a big, slow-moving group.

Located in Ewa Beach, Hawaii Prince spans across 270 acres, offering captivating views of the Waianae Mountains. It is a golf oasis with three 9-hole courses, making 27 playable greens. They are intermixed to make 18 holes, making it an excellent choice for those who love a challenge.

The golf club also has a clubhouse, restaurant, practice facility, and an impressive driving range. Incorporated into the sprawling field are 90 pristine sand bunkers and 10 lakes. Club rentals are available alongside the convenient options of lodgings and lockers.

Kid-Friendly Note: While there are junior rates available for kids under 17 years old, we won’t recommend taking kids who are below age 13 to this golf club.

the Best Oahu Golf Courses featured by top Hawaii blog, Hawaii Travel with Kids: image of Koolina Golf Course on Oahu

Rated one of the world’s top 100 golf courses by Golf Digest Magazine, Ko’olina is an immaculate facility for the golf enthusiast.

Located on Oahu’s West Side, it is 6,868 yards of immaculate green real estate. There are rolling hill fairways, tee box greens, and scenic water features throughout the golf course.

Ko’olina includes club rentals. Beginners can take on-field or private golfing lessons here. The well-groomed golf course expects its players to be sharply-dressed too. Make sure you are in proper golf attire when you enter its fairways and green keep.

Kid-Friendly Note: Junior golf is available here for kids ages 17 and younger. The facility is free after 3 pm.

Moanalua is the state’s oldest golf course that is one of the best golf courses in Honolulu. This green keep has been attracting golfers since 1898.

The golf course is also known for the famous plane landing by Amelia Earhart.

It has 18 holes set across a massive fairway. Two closing holes are located at par 3 and 4. They are the most challenging even for an adept golfer and require pinpoint accuracy.

This semi-private golf course features 2 sets of tees for different skill levels. The club also offers an on-site restaurant, Pro facility, and rental cars.

Kid-Friendly Note: While junior golf is available here, it is best to contact at the golf club before heading to it if your kid is under age 13.

the Best Oahu Golf Courses featured by top Hawaii blog, Hawaii Travel with Kids: image of Koolau Golf Course on Oahu

Ko’olau is one of the world’s most unique sites to go golfing. It was also rated as one of North America’s most challenging courses by the US Golf Association.

Set at the foothills of the beautiful Ko’olau Mountain, the 18-hole championship course offers dramatic scenery to enjoy while playing the rounds. The long list of facilities offered by this golf club includes the clubhouse.

Inside the clubhouse you will find fully stocked Pro Shop at your disposal, a restaurant, projector rental, driving range, golf lessons, and even a banquet.

This is one of the best golf courses in Hawaii! And it’s totally Instagrammable!

Kid-Friendly Note: Junior golf is available here for kids aged between 7 to 17 years old.

Located 34 miles from downtown Honolulu, Ewa Villages is another 18-hole golf course that challenges its players.

In addition to having a challenging link style layout, the course has skinny fairways and ever-present coastal wind that plays a critical part. Only the golfers who are skilled at reading the winds win here.

Surrounding the golf course is a scenic landscape with lakes and streams. Errant or unmeasured shots can end up in one of the streams, lakes, or even in the rough perimeters.

The men’s course here is 6,455 yards, par 73, rated 70.9, slope 122. The women’s course is 5,595 yards, par 73, rating 73.6, and slope at 124.

Kid-Friendly Note: Junior golf is available here for kids aged 17 years old and under.

Pali is 18-hole course located approximately seven miles away from downtown Honolulu, in Kaneohe.

Set on the foothills of the Ko’olau Mountain Range, the golf course is surrounded by captivating scenery. However, the hillside location also adds to a golfer’s challenges.

It features 6,524 yards of golf from the longest tees for a par of 72 for men. With a course rating of 70.4 and slope rating of 126m on Bermuda grass, Pali course makes an excellent choice for golfers of all ages and expertise.

The women’s course features 6,050 yards, par 74. The rating for women’s course is 74.5 and the rating for the slope is 127.

The course is jam-packed with all necessary facilities. It provides a clubhouse, a Pro Shop, club rentals, and hand carts. There also an on-site banquet hall, a restaurant, and a snack bar.

Kid-Friendly Note: Junior golf is available in the Pali Golf Course for kids aged 17 years old and under.

The Ted Makalena Golf Course is an 18-hole golf course which is located at 93-059 Waipio Point Access road in Waipahu Hawaii. The location is approximately 15 miles away from the downtown Honolulu and about an hour drive from Waikiki.

The men’s course in Ted Makalena features 5,976 yards from the longest tee for a par 71. The rating for the men’s course is 67.9 and its slope is 110. On the other hand, the women’s course is 5,551 yards, par 73. The rating for the women’s course is 71.0, while its slope is rated 115.

This course can be described as relatively flat and perfect for golfers of all ages and skill levels. It includes a clubhouse, driving range, Pro Shop, on-site restaurant, and even a bar. Club rentals are available here alongside the option to hire an electric cart.

Kid-Friendly Note: Junior golf is available in the Ted Makalena Golf Course for kids 17 years old and younger.

Final Tip on the Best Oahu Golf Courses:

With the most beautiful and exciting Hawaii golf courses, it almost becomes essential for an enthusiastic golfer to play at least on one of these golf courses in Oahu.

So, strike a balance with family responsibilities. It won’t be the worst thing if you find a suitable golf course that is kid-friendly. And thankfully, Oahu does have many such golf courses.

When in doubt, do not hesitate to contact any of these Oahu golf courses for more information regarding the age range of kids that is allowed on their green keep.

If nothing else works, either head to the fairway that is nearest to your hotel, or settle for a mini golf course and prioritize family fun.