A Guide To VA Loan Credit Score Requirements

What Is The Minimum Credit Score For A VA Loan?

The U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs (a government agency that administers benefit programs for veterans) created the VA loan to help veterans and service members qualify for affordable housing by offering better terms, such as lower interest rates and, in most cases, zero down payment. The VA guarantees they will cover a portion of your mortgage if you default or can’t make payments.

It’s important to understand that even though the VA backs this loan, they don’t issue it, which means they also won’t set specific credit scores; instead, private lenders do that. These lenders use particular criteria to help determine whether a person qualifies for the loan.

You likely won’t be approved if your score is lower than the benchmark. The credit score for a VA loan can vary depending on the type of VA loan, loan amount, the lender and other factors, but in most cases, the lowest accepted credit score is 580. However, you should note that when lenders are trying to determine whether they’ll approve you for the loan, they’ll look at the whole picture by analyzing your financial situation rather than just looking for a specific number.