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RH is a California-based purveyor of high-end furniture known formerly as restoration hardware. Rh has weathered severe challenges through its lifetime and transformed from a quirky seller of retro hardware to a high-end interior design and furnishings company.

Rh today has around 68 galleries, 38 outlets, and 14 waterworks bath and kitchen showrooms. Some of these retail galleries have an RH rooftop restaurant, yielding significant margins.

These Rh stores located in major cities or other key markets are almost landmarks. Today, we will know more about the Rh restaurant Dallas, which has made a place in the Dallas morning news.

Rh is an American home-furnishing company based in Corte Madera, California. The Company sells its merchandise through its numerous catalogues, retail stores, and online stores. 

The retail store RH was founded in 1979, in Eureka, California when Stephen Gordon found out while restoring a Victorian home that high quality furniture was largely unavailable in the market. For ten years Gordon extended his business in North California and Boston and then he borrowed capital from Cardinal Investments to chase his dream of earning more profits and expanding his business horizons to USA and Canada.

The Company did not engage in public trading from the year 2008 and in that year launched its baby and child line. RH’s stock trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol RH.

Rh rooftop restaurant Dallas


RH Rooftop Restaurant Dallas features an ingredient-driven menu accompanied by a curated selection of artisanal wines and craft beers. The RH Rooftop Restaurant is loved for its great ambiance and the Park on the third floor of the new space. Guests dine beneath a glass-and-steel atrium amidst trickling fountains, heritage olive trees, and glimmering chandeliers in the Rh’s rooftop restaurant, which opens onto a beautifully landscaped garden.

It is a three-story building spread over 70,000 sq foot design gallery that blurs the lines between residential and retail, indoors and outdoors, home and hospitality. A striking wine bar presents carefully edited wine and champagne selections worldwide for guests to enjoy in the rooftop park or while exploring the rest of the gallery.

Address: 3133 Knox Street, Dallas

Parking: Valet parking for 6$

Additional service: Weekend brunch, wine, beer, and view

The best food they have from the brunch and lunch menu are Truffle fries, lobster roll, Rh burger, truffle grilled cheese, or the delicious smoked salmon.

For dinner, you can have gem lettuce salad or roasted burrata peppers, in addition to the lobster roll, roasted half chicken, truffle fries, and wild mushrooms, along with the two best wines available-Rh, Bellini and Rh mimosa.

A glass encasement, an outdoor space that resembles a park RH’s rooftop restaurant has been revamped and a gross $40 million has been spent for it.

The restaurant does not make much of a difference when you look at its menu. There are familiar dishes like truffle grilled sandwiches, roasted chicken with olive oil potato puree, burger, buratta served with various garnishes. There are also barrista-prepped coffee drinks along with 40 different types of wines.

Let us know a little bit about other Rh rooftop restaurants located in different cities.

Rh Chicago

rh restaurant dallasrh restaurant dallas

Address: 1300 N. Dearborn Street, Chicago, IL

It is one of the first inaugurated Rh galleries and is located at the historic three arts club. This six-level retail concept on the gold coast has an integrated culinary offering that includes three arts club cafes, a rooftop park, and a conservatory.

It is located in the city’s Gold Coast  neighbourhood, and is a gigantic flagship project and is much more than a furniture showroom.  The six story Gallery at the Three Arts Club has a café and wine testing room operated by restaurateur Brendan Sodikiff , a courtyard, music venue, a roof garden and a series of design ateliers and also show RH’s new constructions: RH Teen and RH Modern.

The facade is adorned with Byzantine Arts, the stairway reveals a stream of flowing sunlight, and then the performance venue is lined with guided antique mirrors to host acoustic performances.

The ground floor of this six story building which showcases luxury furnishings houses Three Arts Club Café at the ground floor where people can enjoy breakfast lunch and dinner surrounded by heritage olive trees and refurbished historic fountain.

Rh West Palm

Address: 560 Okeechobee Boulevard, West Palm Beach, Florida

The central location of this Rh rooftop restaurant is spread over 10,000 sq feet in West Palm. The view from the fourth floor is simply breathtaking, and the service menu provides a curated selection of artisanal wines and craft beers. The wine bar offers 40 different wines by the glass from around the world and even some limited offerings from Napa valley.

The wine bar presents carefully blended wine and champagne selections from all across the world for guests to enjoy. RH intend to bridge the gap between residential and retail, indoor and outdoor, hospitality and home and also effortlessly combining food, wine, art and design

Rh Marin

Address: 1750 Redwood Highway, Corte Madera, CA

It has three levels with 60,000 interior and exterior sq feet commanding a home furniture gallery, Rh rooftop restaurant, a rooftop park, and outdoor seating. The gallery’s exterior is surrounded by a serene walking path with decomposed granite and bluestone pavers, enveloped by magnificent 100-year-old heritage olive trees.

This is just one of the most beautiful places to dine out in the Bay area. The restaurant is inside a glass-box at the center of the rooftop park with retractable glass walls and excellent view of the sunset. There is an interior design firm on the second floor which customers can visit to create their own house and design it as well. This is the best example of an upscale dining that too inside a retail store.

Rh Yountville

Address:6725 Washington Street, Yountville, CA

This magnificent wine country property comprises five contemporary yet classically inspired structures, offering a one-of-a-kind culinary, wine, art, and design experience in the heart of Napa Valley.

Enjoy a glass of wine in the old brick structure, which has been elegantly renovated into a two-story wine vault, or try limited-edition wines in the trellis-covered outdoor living areas.

You can always get delighted savoring a glass of wine in the historic Masonry Building transformed into a two-story wine vault. In the outdoor trellis covered living room enjoy the tasting of wines which enjoy a very limited production.

A boutique design gallery displaying artistic installations of RH Interiors and RH Modern Collections from renowned designers are integrated with rare collection of objects.

It is one of the most well-known brands in luxury home furnishings and has an interesting collection of furniture, décor and galleries. The store stands out for its renovated galleries, source books and website.

From the barista bar, order a handmade espresso.

Rh Nashville

Address: 2101 Green Hills Village Drive, Nashville, TN

Nashville’s commanding four levels and 70,000 interior and exterior sq feet structure includes a gallery, a restaurant on the first floor, a rooftop park, and a conservatory. The bar provides an extensive collection of crafted beers and drinks.

The Rh Café has a menu that will ease your taste buds. RH still has no media presence. The café as it is in a word simply awesome but it does not take any reservations beforehand.

Rh New York

Address: Ninth Ave, New York

This Rh rooftop restaurant in New York is located in a 90,000 sq feet gallery in the historic meatpacking district. The restaurant resides on the sixth floor of the building and provides a food menu of timeless classics for brunch and dinner and a fine selection of wines.

This store is located at the heart of New York’s meat-packing district. Here entire floors are allotted to interiors, modern, baby and child, teen design collections, and also combined with the restaurant and bar and an in-house interior design firm.

There is a skylit rooftop garden decorated with trees and umbrellas visible from the streets.

Rh Jacksonville

Address: 4831 Village shops way, Jacksonville

This 70,000 sq feet design gallery is located at St. John’s town center. One can enjoy some classic brunch for lunch and dinner and curated wines from esteemed vintners in the US and Europe.

There are elegant handcrafted chandeliers bathing the firstfloor lobby in a warm, soft glow. The three-level store has plush couches and chairs in the rooftop garden plus has a gallery showcasing classic to modern furnishings.

Rh Columbus

Address: 4120 Worth Avenue, Columbus

This rooftop restaurant is located at the Easton town center, Columbus, on the third floor of the 55,000 sq feet design gallery of Rh Columbus. The menu contains some of the best American delicacies and the best collection of wines and beers.

The entire space is dedicated to artistic installations of luxury home furnishings covering full floors of RH interiors, Modern and Outdoor. The gallery is fresh and airy opening into lush gardens and spaces marked by courtyard and terraces.

The Wine and Barista Bar serves fresh baked pastries, artisanal wines which you can enjoy while still lazing yourself off in the Rooftop Park

Rh Charlotte

Address: 6903 Phillips Place Court, Charlotte

Rh rooftop restaurant resides on the third floor of Rh Charlotte, a 50,000 sq foot design gallery. It provides an indoor and outdoor experience with dinner and lunch in the rooftop restaurant.

RH Charlotte has a rooftop restaurant and wine bar that opens into a beautifully landscaped park.  In addition to it there is the RH rug collection and the RH interior collection.

Consumer behavior reflect the trend to purchase these timeless pieces and these retail markets depend a lot on forecasting consumer behavior.

Rh Toronto

Address: 3401 Dufferin Street, Toronto

Rh courtyard restaurant in the grand central garden courtyard of Rh Toronto, the gallery at Yorkdale, a 70,000 sq foot design gallery, gives its visitors a menu of classic brunch and wines.

Toronto one of the most metropolitan cities of the world benefits a lot from the unique concept of marketing. House-made doughnuts and pastries add to the quirky menu. Here restaurants serving quality food are attached to the stores so there is a great hospitality experience waiting for people to be explored.

The restaurant features trickling fountains, hanging chandeliers, shining lanterns, and banquet seating arrangement.


Rh Oak Brook

Address: 1300 22nd Street, Oak Brook

This rooftop restaurant located in the gallery at oak brook center resides on the third floor of the 60,000 sq foot Rh oak brook.

Once more combining an upscale furniture shop with a restaurant at the rooftop this place is quite an excellent one for afternoon get togethers. There is the simmering coffee awaiting at your fingertip and Hogsalt’s doughnut so that you will savor every bite.

Rh Minneapolis

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Address: 6801 France Avenue South, Edina

The Rh rooftop restaurant resides on the third floor of Rh Minneapolis, a nearly 60,000 sq foot design gallery. Once more there is RH Modern a collection of lighting, furnishing, décor, textiles, under one roof. RH Rugs showroom stands out for its exquisite materials, superlative artistry, and unmatched benefits.

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In short, the restoration hardware rooftop restaurants in all these places just cannot be compared because each one has its specialty. Moreover, the crowd is mostly decent, and the menu is very diverse. The ambiance is simply breathtaking, and the luxuriant service it offers perhaps makes it a little more pricey than usual. However, you should visit once or twice and have a drink or two maybe with friends or family. You will collect memories that will last for a lifetime.

Lastly, leave more reviews of the places you visit since it may be helpful to someone new in the country. They are the pride of the owner for combining luxury stores with great dining experiences where you will simply wonder about the food served as it leaves a lasting impression on your taste buds.

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