About – Oak & Ember Steakhouse

Oak elicits many feelings—strength when it’s a support, warmth when it’s lit, and flavorful when it cooks. It symbolizes a strong bond between friends and family and serves as an ode to youth and the vibrancy of life. It delivers in our minds a specific snapshot in time—an evening out with a special someone sharing a meal with the promises of a lifetime ahead lingering in the air.

And an ember is the tiniest piece of glowing wood still clinging to its former glory as a raging fire. At any point in time that tiny ember can return to its full majesty, just add energy, excitement, passion, or intent.

Oak & Ember is a steakhouse following the traditions of the finest establishments in Chicago or New York. You’ll find delectable aged cuts of meat that melt in your mouth, delicious sides, craft cocktails and fine wines, and an ambiance that sets the tone for a memorable evening. It’s the latest restaurant concept by Kyle Greene – a native of the Treasure Coast where he climbed the restaurant ranks from dishwasher, to line cook, to owner.

Oak and ember together signify freedom, beauty, and excellence. These are the concepts that this restaurant stands behind as the team delivers one magnificent experience after the next. This place will be part of many important moments, celebrations, and stories of life. Plan yours here today.