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About Da Vinci’s Italian Restaurant

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Da Vinci’s Italian Restaurant is owned by Benny Lucas. Born in Italy, he was raised in Verona, a city world-famous for its incredible food and its deep culture.

Did you know: Verona, Italy is where Shakespeare’s story of tragic love, Romeo and Juliet, is based. It’s also world-famous for its opera, risotto, and polenta.

Luckily for us, Benny concerned himself with mastering the creation of the delicious and culturally-distinct food he had grown up on, rather than chasing after the eligible young ladies of rival families like Romeo did.

Benny loved his home in Verona, Italy. Still, he dreamed of bringing the signature dishes he’d grown up on to an entirely new audience in America. After emigrating to the US, he was delighted to cook authentic Italian delicacies for people in Dallas, Texas. Years passed, and his experience and skill grew even more. In time, he was asked to help run a friend’s restaurant in Oklahoma, which he did for over 7 years.

After traveling across the globe and working for over fifteen years to master his craft, Benny finally settled down and opened Da Vinci’s; Lebanon Mo’s finest and most-authentic Italian restaurant. Even though he now lives in Lebanon, thousands of miles away from his first home, he still goes back to Italy every couple years to visit family and friends and brush up on his cooking skills.

So what are you waiting for? Bring yourself, your family and friends, and whoever else you think would enjoy some delicious REAL Italian food to Da Vinci’s today, and see for yourself why so many people are excited about Lebanon Missouri’s newest and best Italian restaurant.