Acadia National Park wants to rebuild Jordan Pond House

BANGOR, Maine (AP) — Acadia National Park wants to tear down the famous Jordan Pond House restaurant, at a scenic spot where tea and popovers have been served since the late 1800s, and replace it for as much as $20 million because of structural problems.

The restaurant and gift shop built after the previous building burned in 1979 have design flaws that allow water to infiltrate the structure, necessitating ongoing, costly repairs, the Bangor Daily News reported Monday.

“The building itself needs to be rebuilt,” said Keith Johnston, head of facilities management at the park.

Jordan Pond and a pair of mountains called The Bubbles mountains serve as the backdrop to the restaurant.

The National Park Service owns the building, but it is leased to a private concession firm. Replacing the structure would require a formal proposal from the National Park Service and funding from Congress.

“It’s several years out,” Johnston said.

Rebuilding the restaurant, gift shop, deck and public bathrooms would cost $10 million to $20 million, he said.

Repairs would cost three-quarters of that price and would not extend the lifespan of the building, he said.