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I had an automobile accident on 6/17/2022. I called to file the claim with my insurance. The lady on the phone said I didn't have coverage anymore. I asked her why and she stated that there was a lapse in my policy due to lack of payment. Now, I had set up auto pay to be withdrawn from my account each month on the 23rd. I also make sure that the money is in my bank account every month on time in order to pay my bill. She stated that there was a glitch in their system and that's why the payment didn't go through. I called their customer service line and spoke with a different lady who stated that they had sent me letters in the mail stating my policy had lapsed. I never received anything about a lapsed policy. I only received a copy of my new insurance cards stating that my insurance was active and had started on April 24th the day after my policy supposedly "lapsed".She then asked for my address and phone number to verify my account, when I gave them to her she stated that they didn't have any of that information on file. So she lied to me because how else could the company have sent me my new cards if they didn't have my address on file. I finally was able to file the claim but it was denied due to no coverage. At this point I am waiting for a "District Manager" to contact me regarding these issues. I have been ignored, taken advantage of, lied to, and so far have had to pay $800 in lot fees and towing for my vehicle because I had to wait to see if they'd handle the fees but I needed my car. I'm also searching for a lawyer to help me settle this but have not found one yet.

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