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Company Outsourcing

Case study – TCP Technologies:

•    Manager: Manjeet Khanna

•    Main target: to create a 31. environment

Grading for staff:

•    Every month grades are published on an 32.

•    The cultural openness increased the quantity of incoming contracted opportunities.

•    The cultural openness improved the level of 33.  of the company.

•    The increased rate of staff satisfaction has led to growth of 32% in the 34.

Recent interview:

•    A company is not one entity comprised of components, but a living organism composed of cells.

•    Manjeet’s motto is 35.

Benefits of management style:

•    The rate of staff turnover has been reduced.

•    A 36.  can be from any other company.

•    Grades are not used for 37.

Features of managing style:

•    Personally, the manager wrote emails to respond to the complaints.

•    The complaint form known as a 38.  has access to all employees online.

•    The manager can receive any complaints concerning air conditioning, food quality and 39.  entitlement.

•    A 40.  on the anonymous complaint was introduced in the new system.