Aflac Supplemental Insurance | Needham, MA

Aflac—Short Term Disability, Accident, Cancer, Hospital, Dental

For coverage starting July 1, 2017, the Town offers Aflac plans that are fully employee sponsored and deducted from payroll. Consider these optional plans to supplement other forms of insurance

Aflac policies pay cash benefits directly to you when you’re sick or injured to help with out of pocket expenses. Premiums are through payroll deductions and Aflac benefits are not coordinated with your health insurance. Aflac’s plans are fully portable and your premiums will never increase regardless of age, the number of claims made or if you leave employment with the Town.

Your health insurance pays the doctors and hospitals, Aflac pays you.

Available plans through the Town of Needham (Account KX766):

  • Short-Term Disability: Provides a source of income when you can’t work due to sickness or injury.
  • Accident Plan: Pays cash to you for injuries on or off the job to help with non-medical expenses.
  • Cancer Plan: Cash benefit to be used as a safety net for fighting the financial burden of cancer.
  • Hospital Indemnity: Help with everyday living expenses during your hospital stay.
  • Dental: pays benefits regardless of any other plan and has no annual deductible.

For current rates and more plan detail please contact the Town’s Aflac Account Representative directly: 

Email Ray DeRosa

Phone: 617-658-1834, 732-320-0093