AFPA Accredited Nutrition Certification Programs Online

The Health & Wellness Coach (HWC) certification programs focuses on the processes of coaching, how to be an effective coach and how to elicit behavior change from your clients. This program focuses on how health is not specifically dependent on diet and exercise, but also dependent on supportive relationships, meaningful work, work/life balance, spirituality and more. HWC also looks at many areas of a client’s life that may be contributing to stress and poor health, instead of diet and exercise alone. Nutrition is not the focus on the HWC program as it is in the NWC program. For program details, click here.

The Nutrition and Wellness Consultant (NWC) certification program focuses on how to elicit dietary changes from your client. Nutritional wellness consultants are professionals who use their knowledge of nutrition and human physiology to improve the physical well-being of their clients by improving their diets. The course focuses on individual characteristics of clients to devise food-based strategies that can enhance their life.  You will learn how to analyze eating habits and behaviors, look at a person’s physical health and makes suggestions based on your findings. For details, click here.  

The NWC and HWC certification programs have the importance of nutrition and exercise in common. The NWC is much more rigorous in the Nutrition learning component. In addition, coaching and consulting are somewhat different.

As a Nutrition and Wellness Consultant, you are asking guiding questioning, giving advice, and co-creating to help solve problems. Consulting is unlike coaching because with pure coaching, the answers come from the client.

As a Health and Wellness Coach, you are supporting someone to uncover their internal obstacles and to learn how to manage them. Coaches partner with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. The coach is the subject matter expert at coaching, not necessarily the subject matter expert of the client’s coaching topic, e.g., nutrition, exercise.