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OSRS Agility Guide

Agility Training Guide for OSRS

A member-only skill, Agility provides access to different shortcuts across RuneScape. Other skill advantages usually involve: quicker run energy regeneration, getting hands on the graceful outfit, and the battle against Commander Zilyana.

Training Areas and Rooftop Locations for Agility

Training Areas for Agility are marked with the running figure symbol on the world map. Such areas include a course of agility that players would need to pass in order to improve their agility and train it. Upon successfully overcoming all obstacles the player will have completed an Agility course. Nonetheless, an obstacle can fail, which will result in small amounts of damage being sustained by the player. It is also advised that you carry some food while preparing to train Agility at lower Hit Points levels and Agility.

In a lot of courses, the amount of damage sustained after a challenge has failed is dependent on your remaining Hit points, therefore preserving food is always worth waiting for your Hit points to be down before you consume. For instance, dropping into the lava may inflict 12 points damage in the wilderness course if at peak hit points, but just 6 if there are just 20 hit points remaining.

It is important to keep running through the courses constantly for the optimal experience rates. It can result in a fast loss of the character’s running energy, so it may be beneficial to have any energy potions, stamina potions or super energy potions, or to use weight-reducing equipment when training your Agility.

Regular Agility Courses

Gnome Stronghold Agility Course

The Gnome Stronghold Agility Course is an agility course that most players would begin with while preparing to train their agility. This course has no entry criteria and is really easy to navigate. fIn fact, it is unlikely for the player to fail any of the hurdles in this course, so there is no need to carry some food. However, some energy potions, super energy potions or stamina potions may be helpful for faster training.

However, certain super energy potions, energy potions or stamina potions can be useful for quicker training.  

This course is situated near the Grand Tree in the Tree Gnome Stronghold that is northwest of Ardougne.

Penguin Agility Course

This course of agility demands level 30 of agility and is situated on the Iceberg, which needs the fulfillment of the Cold War Quest. To make way to the course, players need to turn into a penguin, that could be achieved by talking to Larry with a clockwork suit inside the inventory and selecting the option Tuxedo time.

Owing to the progress rate of the obstacles, the experience score decreases with the level of agility of the player. In upper levels, it is predicted to be able to do about 55 laps an hour, resulting in 29,500-30,000 agility experiences an hour.

This specific course has the best probability of catching the giant squirrel. It will take a total of 130 hours to get a hold of the giant squirrel, at level 99 of agility.

Barbarian Outpost Agility Course

The Agility Course of Barbarian Outpost  includes Level 35 Agility and the Quest Alfred Grimhand’s Barcrawl completion in order to access. This is a lap-based obstacle course composed of eight hurdles that players will pass in exchange for the experience of agility. If all barriers are crossed in the right sequence, any bonus experience will be awarded at the end of the loop.

With an average time of 32 seconds per turn, it is possible to get up to 17,000 agility xp an hour from this course. At a lower degree of agility, plan to witness about 11,000-14,000 agility every hour, depending on the amount of focus.

Ape Atoll Agility Course

The Course of Ape Atoll Agility needs Level 48 Agility and the fulfillment of Chapter 2 of the Monkey Madness I Quest to gain entry. For training in this course, participants need to turn into a monkey, which can be accomplished by equipping a Kruk Monkey Greegree or Ninja Monkey Greegree. A course based on lap obstacle, it is composed of six obstacles which players will cross in exchange for the experience in agility. If all obstacles are crossed in the right sequence, any bonus experience will be awarded at the conclusion of the lap.

For an average time of 39 seconds per turn, it is possible to gain a 53,300 Agility experience an hour from such a course. On  a lower level of agility, you can get about 40,000-50,000 experience in agility every hour, depending on the amount of concentration.

Wilderness Agility Course

A level 52 of agility is required to gain access to the Wilderness Agility Course. Nonetheless, this level is only required in order to be able to navigate the course via the gates; the minimum stage needed for obstacles is a level of 49. It is also a common way of entering this course with the use of a temporary skill booster to enter the course beginning at level 47, as the experience every hour at this course is much greater than the other courses open to these players. The Agility course comprises five obstacles that participants can tackle in exchange for the Agility experience. If the player has crossed all obstacles in the right sequence, certain bonus experience will be awarded at the completion of the lap.

As this course of agility is situated deep within the Wilderness, varying between level 50 through 56, is it likely to come across player killers when training there? In addition, there are two skeletons of level 25 walking the Agility course which will attack any player around them.

With an average duration of 40 seconds each lap, it is doable to get up to 47,500 experience in Agility each hour via this course. At lower levels of agility, anticipate roughly 40,000 experiences in agility every hour, based on the level of concentration.

Werewolf Agility Course

Werewolf Agility Course needs an Agility level of 60 as well as the fulfillment of the Fenkenstrain Creature Quest to be obtained. Players need to wear a ring of charos to get to the course. Consisting of five obstacles, the participants can tackle this Agility course in exchange for the Agility experience.If the stick is retrieved and handed in at the conclusion of the lap, some additional experience will be awarded. The only faltering challenge to this course is the infamous death-slide, which can inflict more than 30 damage..

The Werewolf agility course provides the highest potential experience every hour among all agility courses. But, it takes a lot more focus than many courses that deliver comparable rates of experience.

Keeping an average duration of 38 seconds for every lap, it is likely to get up to 69,500 experience in Agility an hour via this course. At lower levels of agility, prepare to achieve about 60,000 experience in agility every hour, depending on the level of concentration.

Prifddinas Agility Course

The Prifddinas Agility Course takes an Agility level of 75 and the fulfillment of the Song of the Elves. This specific Agility course comprises twelve obstacles that participants can tackle in exchange for experience in Agility. This course of agility is special compared to other courses; it allows portals to emerge at various points in the course.rWhen accessing these portals, the player can transport one or two obstacles forward, marginally minimizing the time taken to finish the course and thereby increasing the rate of experience every hour. In fact, roughly 15 crystal shards can be identified every hour by accessing these portals.

 A maximum of 66,000 agility experiences an hour will be obtained from this course, with just an average duration of 72 seconds each lap. Prepare to get about 60,000 Agility experience every hour at lower Agility levels, based on level of concentration.

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Agility Training

Training Agility in OSRS requires a lot of single point-clicking so it will require a lot of effort to optimize the gain of experience. Greater level of agility improves one’s capacity to regain running energy and allows exposure to a number of shortcuts. It would be smart for players to run and use stamina potions if needed to boost rates of experience.Holding weight at 0 or under is beneficial, though not often necessary. Players that often fail the obstacles and players with weak hit points can also carry some food to improve their health. As users would be able to switch to the next challenge directly after the experience decreases, it is really helpful to have the option “Show experience drops” switched on for a visual prompt.

Some players often prefer to practice Fletching or Magic between obstacles, typically by casting Magic Imbue or High Level Alchemy, or by creating some sort of bolts or darts. Members should still offer preference to training agility and not encourage multi-skilling impact rates of experience, because additional experience with certain skills will come at the expense of experience of lower agility.Consequently, in order to hold the experience level up, it is recommended that players continue going towards the next obstacle and only then train certain skills, and directly after that select again to switch towards the next obstacle.

Marks of grace

Marks of grace can be acquired when training at any of the Courses of Rooftop Agility. They may be used to buy pieces of a graceful outfit, to recolor current pieces of a graceful outfit, or to buy amylase crystals and to market them for profit. Collect the marks as soon as you spot them, because they vanish after 10 minutes if they’re not picked up. However, the Course of Ardougne Rooftop is the exception to that, because the marks only can spawn in one position and will start stacking. The reduction in mark values on every rooftop course would decrease dramatically (by 80 per cent) as you exceed 20 levels of agility greater than the minimum of that rooftop course.

Given the GE (Grand Exchange) value of amylase crystals, every grace mark is valued at 12,860 coins.

1-99 Agility Guide

Levels 1–33: Questing

Initial levels can be skipped by completing the quests that offer the experience of agility. Having completed The Tourist Trap (using two-fold Agility experience), Recruitment Drive, The Grand Tree and The Depths of Despair can have a minimum of 19,700 experiences, raising the degree of Agility 1 to 33. These quests can be completed quickly at a low level and have few criteria, but many of them include combat of some sorts.

Levels 33–74: Barbarian Fishing

Barbarian Fishing gives limited quantities of passive experience in strength and agility. Leveling Fishing from 58 to 99 by the help of Barbarian Farming will increase the level of agility from 33 to 74. When you’re going to train Fishing by Barbarian Fishing at some level, it’s better to do so before you train Agility, because that will save up almost 24 hours of Agility training from a level of 33 to level 74.That also helps you to miss early Agility courses that provide a far slower  than higher-level courses.

If the player does not want to practice Fishing all the way to level 99, it is suggested that you get at minimum level 60 Agility from Barbarian Fishing, which is reached at about level 84 Fishing. It helps you to train on the Course of Werewolf Agility or the Course of Seers’ Village Rooftop, which provides a far quicker experience than any other courses offered since then.

Training with Rooftop Courses

It is advised that you increase your level of agility by utilizing summer pies or potions of agility  to train on a greater-level course earlier than necessary.

Levels 1–10: Gnome Stronghold Agility Course

The only feasible training choice is the Gnome Stronghold Agility Course at level 1–10 which will provide a total of 8,000 experience every hour, with an experience of 86.5 per run. It involves 14 laps to hit the 10th level.  Using the four-dose energy potions twice will be adequate to ensure that the running energy is never completely depleted while training in agility from level 1 to 10.

Levels 10–20/30: Draynor Village Rooftop Course

Training at the Course of Draynor Village Rooftop produces up to 9,000 experience every hour, with 120 experience for every lap. It involves around 28 laps to hit the 20th level. With the help of a proper level of Hit points, a player does not require any food to train Agility from level 10 to level 20. If the player does not have access to stamina potions or other means of energy recovery, this course will provide the player with means to gain experience quickly up till level 30.

Levels 20–25/30: Al Kharid Rooftop Course

If the player trains on the Al Kharid Rooftop Course, it will produce up to 9.360 experience an hour by using stamina potions, with 180 experience per lap. It’s going to take around 50 laps to reach 30.

Levels 25–50: Werewolf Skullball

From level 25 to level 50, Werewolf Skullball provides the quickest experience. Players must have finished the Creature of Fenkenstrain Quest and must wear a charos ring to enable this task. With a strong focus, participants will achieve up to 18,000 experiences an hour, with a single game taking an average of 2 minutes and 30 seconds and offering an experience of 750.  Players don’t require food for this task, but it’s pretty click-intensive and you don’t get any grace of marks from performing this task.

Levels 30–40: Varrock Rooftop Course

If a player trains at the Varrock Rooftop Course he will be able to produce up to 13,200 experience every hour, with 238 experience per lap. It would take approximately 100 laps to get from level 30 to level 40, including all the failures. You will also not require food unless you have less than 20 hp.

Levels 40–50/52/60: Canifis Rooftop Course

 Up to 19,500 experience can be produced by training on the Canifis Rooftop Course, every hour, while including fails are likely to give players experience levels of about 14,000–16,000 experience each hour. It is also the strongest way to earn grace marks up to level 60, rendering this course a feasible choice for players seeking to get the graceful outfit as quickly as possible. You should hope to receive an average of between 18 and 22 marks of grace each hour.

Levels 50–52/60: Falador Rooftop Course

 Up to approximately 22,000 experience is provided if you train on the Falador Rooftop Course per hour at level 50 counting fails, which should rise to around 25,000–26,000 as the level of the player increases and they fail less frequently.By level 52 onwards, the Wilderness course provides significantly smoother rate of experience, so continuing at the Falador course is suggested only for accounts who do not intend to access the Wilderness (e.g. Extreme so Ultimate Ironmen). If the player is only trying to get some grace points, the Course of Canifis Rooftop is a safer choice.

Levels 52–60: Wilderness Agility Course

Course of Wilderness Agility delivers the best experience below level 60 in agility. An Agility level of 52 is needed in order to reach the course, but the player can also utilize the summer pie to improve from level 47. Nevertheless, an Agility level of 49 is necessary to pass the obstacle of the pipe, involving periodic re-boosting if it is below the level. This course has a cumulative experience of 571.4 each lap. At the 52–60 level, one would expect to obtain approximately 35.000 experiences every hour utilizing stamina potions. n At most, players can obtain an experience rate of 45,000 by using stamina potions an hour without failing.

The easiest way to reach the location is to use the Ice Plateau Portal from the Lunar orAncient spellbooks. The alternate approach is to use a teleport lever in Edgeville or Ardougne (a slashing weapon or a knife is required for the player to carry).

Levels 60–99: Werewolf Agility Course

The Course of Werewolf Agility provides the best experience through level 60 through level 99. Members should have finished the Creature of Fenkenstrain Quest and should wear a charos ring to navigate this course. Course of Werewolf Agility needs an Agility level of 60 to be used, although it is recommended to make use of summer pies to elevate to level 60 even if the player is at level 55.The odds of a Death Slide loss are drastically decreased when the player is at levels 72 (and 93), so players may want to wait before that stage is reached to save supplies.

Players will obtain up to 50,000–55,000 experience each hour at lower levels and 67,000–68,000 experience each hour at higher levels, with strong focus and good timing.  By making another user speak to him, the Agility Boss (NPC to whom the player returns the stick) may be confined to a place, which raises the experience rate marginally, up to an experience rate of 70,000–71,000 per hour at higher levels.

On this course, marks of grace cannot be spawned, but players still involved in benefiting from gathering marks of grace can still find it worthwhile to train in this course through till level 90 and gain the majority of their marks at the Course of Ardougne Rooftop.

Levels 60–80: Seers’ Village Rooftop Course

The Seers’ Village Rooftop Course provides the second quickest experience from level 60 to 80, for those who have accomplished hard work in the Kandarin Journal. The fulfillment of the hard diary helps the player to move the Camelot Teleport position next to Seers’ bank, which decreases travel duration between laps and greatly raises the experience score. The extra reduction in grace marks from the hard diary bonuses is greater than the price of the law runes to teleport. In fact, teleport to Seers’ bank reduces the necessity for stamina potions for this course.

Up to 49,000–51,000 experience can be obtained each hour at level 60, rising to around an experience rate of 54,000–55,000 per hour at level 70. Members stop failing this course at an Agility level of 79, at which stage it is possible to obtain up to an experience of 56,700 every hour. From this method, without further fails, it would involve 3485 laps to move from level 60 to 80 and provide 193,380 Magic to the player.

Levels 70–80: Pollnivneach Rooftop Course

Training on the Course of Pollnivneach Rooftop is only intended for players who are struggling to complete the Kandarin Diary’s hard tasks and want to earn grace marks. Users on this course will achieve experiences up to 52,600 every hour, although they are more likely to encounter about 45,000–50,000 experiences per hour, including fails.

Levels 75–99: Prifddinas Agility Course

From level 75 onward, the Course of Prifddinas Agility provides a lower click-intensive training choice. In order to navigate this course, players must have finished the Elves’ Song. Players can seek crystal shards instead of marks of grace by using portals that appear unexpectedly across the course, which serve as shortcuts. These shortcut ports are special to each player, and offer the user a crystal shard around 1/4 of the period. Players should expect to encounter about 12 shards every hour, with experience levels (by the help of shortcuts) of a rate of experience 53,000 per hour at level 75, increasing to around an experience of 66,000 an hour from level 90 and onward.

Levels 80–90: Rellekka Rooftop Course

Players who want to receive grace marks from their training, doing it on the Course of Rellekka Rooftop is suggested only for them. This is better than the Seers ‘Village Rooftop course for accumulating grace marks at level 80, as the reduction in grace marks at the rooftop of the Seers’ Village course is limited to 20% of its usual pace at that certain level. At level 80 players may fail the course often reducing xp rates, so it’s recommended to boost with summer pies. Players can gain up to 54,800 experience per hour on this course.

Levels 90-99: Ardougne Rooftop Course

Upon reaching level 80, players may fail the course sometimes which significantly decreases xp rates, so it’s suggested to boost up your xp with the help of summer pies.  An experience rate of 54,800 e per hour can be achieved easily by the players, on this course. The Ardougne Rooftop course still has the maximum amount of marks of grace, which is further raised by 25 per cent after the fulfillment of the of the Ardougne Diary’s elite tier. When the player has successfully finished off the elite diary and has achieved optimum experience rates, players should receive around 22.5 marks of grace for every hour that goes, allowing an hourly benefit of 289,350 coins.

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