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Objective: Kidnappers have 15 minutes to kidnap the VIP behind enemy lines and bring him/her to their starting point. CIA agents must protect the VIP at all costs.

Directions: Two equal teams start on opposite sides of battle boundaries. CIA agents choose where the instructor may place the VIP. Both teams start at the sound of the whistle/horn. If a kidnapper is shot while attempting to kidnap the VIP, he must let go of the VIP. The VIP can only move if someone moves him/he. Remember the VIP has to survive for either side. Any player caught shooting the VIP will be called out. If the VIP does get shot he/she is not out and the game goes on.

Alternative 1: If there is not an uneven number of people or no one wants to volunteer to be the VIP it can be done with a BOMB.

Alternative 2: Neither team knows where the VIP/BOMB is. They must secure the VIP/BOMB and return to their base with it.