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Rosh Hashanah Menu

a close up of a plate of food
photos by anne fishbein

Pre-order deadline -Tuesday September 20th
Pick-up & delivery Sunday September 25th
Our menu is available for pre-order now.
Highlighting produce from our local farms.
Restaurant dinner specials served
Sunday September 25th & Tuesday September 27th

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most items are now packed for 4 unless noted


chopped chicken liver
caramelized onions, a little schmaltz
schaner farm eggs
1 pint, serves 4-6, g-f $18

green pea, cashew & walnut faux “liver” caramelized onions, olive oil
1 pint, serves 4-6, vegan & g-f $14

local greens, dried apple & candied pecan salad
frisse, endive & radicchio, pear balsamic vinaigrette
 serves 2-3, vegan & g-f $24

round new year’s challah $16

matzo ball soup, chicken broth, 2 matzo balls
celery carrots, parsnips, parsley, dill serves 2, $14

vegetarian matzo ball soup, 2 matzo balls
celery, carrots, parsnips, parsley dill, serves 2, $14

MAINS (serve 4)

braised creekstone farm’s beef brisket
akasha’s old school recipe with onion gravy
serves 4, g-f $75

saffron chicken tagine with dates & olives
caramelized onions, castelvetrano olives
preserved lemon, cinnamon
serves 4, g-f $60


½ dozen yukon gold potato pancakes
we fry them just like you would, in small batches, then freeze individually
they re-heat perfectly in your oven at home
comes frozen, g-f $12

housemade organic apple sauce
 local apples, sugar & lemon, 1 pint, serves 4, g-f $12

noodle kugel, ricotta, raisins, cottage cheese
sour cream, cornflake crumb topping, serves 4, $22

tzimmes – roasted root vegetables & dried fruit
market carrots & japanese sweet potatoes
apricots, prunes, orange & honey serves 4, g-f $24

tamai farm’s green beans, olive oil, shallots,
pomegranate, serves 4, g-f $24


apple cake with honey glaze, serves 6, $22
 chocolate dipped & plain coconut macaroons, 1/2 dozen, g-f $12