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Al Hamra is a family-owned business and has been serving the finest Mediterranean fusion cuisine since 2006. Our journey to provide the highest quality of food made with the freshest ingredients, and an altogether memorable experience for our guests began in sunny Redondo Beach, CA.
From coffee shop to kabob shop. Naseem Siddiqui, our founder, and CEO started out in a small café space and over the course of fifteen years, transformed it into a bustling kabob grill. The journey was not easy, but with the gracious support of our local community, we were able to attract new customers by word of mouth and of course, believing in the power of free samples.

The Mission

Al Hamra strives to make fresh, healthy and quality food accessible for all by creating meaningful relationships with our customers, within our local communities and most importantly, with our hard-working employees.

What is Zabihah Halal?

We at Al Hamra proudly observe our faith by serving only the purest of halal meats, prepared according to traditional guidelines set forth by Islamic law. According to these guidelines, slaughtering must be done in such a way that causes the least pain and suffering to the animals. It also means that halal meat is less prone to causing sickness as the blood is completely drained from the animal. The absence of blood causes the meat to stay fresh longer and tastes better.