Alinco – Tư Vấn Thiết Kế

March 7, 2019

On February 26, 2019 in Hanoi, ALINCO and International Architecture Office 1 + 1> 2 signed a partnership agreement in the fields of design and planning consulting on the basis of promoting the strengths of two companies.

ALINCO with nearly 20 years of experience in the field of construction consulting, is considered by BCI to be one of the top 10 companies in Vietnam in architecture. The working motto of ALINCO since its establishment is “Always bring to customers the creativity in architecture, engineering and economic efficiency from each project”.

International Architecture Office 1 + 1> 2 is famous for many influential community architecture works. Instead of focusing on aesthetic design, 1 + 1> 2 always focuses on the philosophy of “happy architecture”. Architect Hoang Thuc Hao – Founder 1 + 1> 2 was honored as Asia’s Outstanding Architect in 2016, won the Vassilis Sgoutas 2017 – The most prestigious award from the UIA World Architects Association with social and community projects that the company has done for nearly 10 years.

In the era of globalization, the partnership between ALINCO and 1 + 1> 2 poses the challenge of standing on par, competing with foreign architectural firms, international businesses with passionate Vietnamese architects. , wants to bring traditional cultural values ​​into architectural works.

This partnership is an important first step for both companies, facilitating the development of ALINCO and 1 + 1> 2 Architectural Office in Vietnam.