All NYC Restaurant Grades Are Now Available On Your Apple Device

BOOM. Last week the Times went and took the NYC Department of Health’s restaurant ratings from their slightly confusing home and put them on an easy to use map. Today the city struck back, releasing an iPhone app that does the same thing—plus, it lets you see ratings nearby you.

The app, called ABCEats NYC, is free and available for download for iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches right now. It does exactly what you expect it to: look up restaurant health inspections reports, see letter grades for more than 24,000 restaurants and filter your searches by ratings. No fuss, no muss, and presumably a lot of hypochondriacs placated.

Meanwhile, in less geeky but no less exciting letter grade news, the city is claiming that the letter grade program is a runaway success. Not only have “The percent of New York City restaurants posting “A” grades in their front windows increased from 65 percent at the program’s six-month mark in January 2011 to 72 percent today,” but the city also says it has seen a decrease in airborne illnesses since the grades started, as well as a remarkable 9.3 percent increase in restaurant revenue for the period from June 2010 through February 2011 (the first period since the grades started in which tax data was available). That is three times the increase seen in each of the two years beforehand (which may have also had lots to do with the economy, but let us not quibble).

It sure is great restaurateurs have increased revenue, because they need it to pay the ever-increasing DOH fines!