All SPECIAL Customers – My Restaurant! (Roblox)

This guide is all about special customers in my restaurant in roblox.

VIP Customers

VIP customers are basically normal customers that pay more. They will order the most expensive item and pay 10x that amount.

word image 689

The royal chair or table increases the chances of VIP customers. If you buy both, you will get a hundred percent chance for a VIP customer.

Celebrity Customers

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The customer by itself is decent. But good because he will bring a swarm of fans. Fans will also come up with him to greet. And if they come with a celebrity, they will also try something. The celebrity won’t give much money but you shall have a boost of customers. Jewelry cases can increase the chances of celebrity customers. The max is 66 cases, but I would buy 20.

Normal Customers

When he comes, a bunch of ghosts will be with him.

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You will also get a badge. This is the rarest customer. He will give you $50,000 and ghosts also give a decent amount. The shrine will give you a better chance of getting the customer but it costs 10 M.