Allianz Travel Insurance Review

Full Allianz Travel Insurance Review

Summary: Allianz is one of the most popular travel insurance companies, but there are better plans for the same price. Their medical limits are lower than comparable plans. They also don’t offer Cancel For Any Reason coverage, which most other companies do. For these reasons, I don’t recommend Allianz Travel Insurance.

Best Alternatives to Allianz:

Allianz Travel Insurance is a long-established travel insurance company providing several plans that fit the needs of most types of traveler. They have grouped their different plans into 3 categories: Single Trip Plans, Annual/Multi-Trip Plans, and a Rental Car plan.

Most traveler’s needs will be looking at their Single-trip plans. They are grouped in the common “good, better best” style with OneTrip Basic, Prime, and Premier. Each of these plans provide the basic travel insurance that most travelers are seeking, and the coverage and benefits increase with each level.

Allianz Travel Insurance also offers several annual plans, and then a specialty plans for rental car collision coverage.

Company Information-Allianz Global Assistance, formerly “Access America”, adopted the name of Allianz Travel Insurance in 2012. Allianz Travel Insurance is part of Allianz, which has been in the industry for over 100 years.

What does Allianz Travel Insurance cover?

Allianz single-trip plans are their travel insurance plans. This is what most travelers buy to protect their trip expenses in case they need to cancel.

Like all travel insurance plans, they cover:

  • Trip cancellation & interruption
  • Emergency medical expenses
  • Medical evacuation expenses
  • Lost, stolen, or damaged baggage
  • Travel delays
  • Delayed baggage
  • 24/7 worldwide assistance

Allianz Travel Insurance & Cancel For Any Reason Insurance

One major area that Allianz lacks is with Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR) coverage.

Most major companies offer CFAR as an upgrade to at least some of their plans. This coverage extends your cancellation coverage. Instead of just coverage for the covered reasons for cancellation, it covers everything.

Travelers like the peace-of-mind this coverage provides. It gives you a lot of flexibility in cancelling your trip and still getting most of your money back.

Allianz Travel Insurance for Covid

Allianz has reacted to the Covid-19 pandemic and their plans can offer coverage via their Epidemic Coverage Endorsement. However, their Covid coverage is not as clear-cut as many providers who treat Covid as any other illness for both cancellation and medical treatment.

How much is Allianz Travel Insurance?

Allianz tends to be similar in price to comparable plans, but with less coverage and options.

Here is an example of the difference in price and coverage:

Trip information: Two-week trip with a trip cost of $4,000, one traveler aged 46.

Allianz OneTrip Prime- $217
Most coverage is similar, but this plan only has emergency medical coverage up to $50,000. This is a decent amount, but for trips like cruises and travel abroad, I recommend a minimum of $100,000.

This plan also has no option for Cancel For Any Reason coverage. This is an upgrade that many travelers like to have for their trip. Most companies offer CFAR upgrades on at least one plan, but Allianz has no coverage for this.

Travel Insured Worldwide Trip Protector– $228
Similar coverage, but the medical limit here is $100,000. This is an adequate amount of travel medical coverage for most trips. This plan also has the option to upgrade with Cancel For Any Reason.

Trawick Safe Travels Voyager– $241
Similar coverage, but the medical limit here is even higher at $250,000. This is more than adequate travel medical coverage for most trips. This plan also has the option to upgrade with Cancel For Any Reason.

All of the plans are a little more than 5% of the trip cost, which falls within the usual travel insurance range of 4-10%.

Allianz Travel Insurance Plans

Single Trip Plans

OneTrip Basic
This is an economy plan from Allianz. It has coverage for trip cancellation and interruption, plus a basic level of post-departure coverage like emergency medical, baggage, and delays. All of these coverage amounts are low. For example, the medical coverage is $10,000, and the cancellation coverage is limited to $10,000. This is a good plan for someone who wants coverage but is on a budget.

OneTrip Prime
This is Allianz’s most popular plan. It offers expanded coverage and the added benefit of free coverage for children 17 and under when traveling with a parent or grandparent. The coverage levels are higher than Basic, but as mentioned above the medical limit is low. Good for families because of the free children.

OneTrip Premier
This plan includes all the benefits of OneTrip Prime while doubling nearly all the post-departure benefit limits. Includes more reasons for trip cancellation. This is the top plan from Allianz, but it still doesn’t have an option for Cancel For Any Reason coverage, which is why I don’t rate it very high.

OneTrip Emergency Medical
This plan provides benefits for emergency medical expenses and post-departure issues, such as trip delays and lost luggage, without trip cancellation/interruption benefits.

OneTrip Cancellation Plus
Their most economical plan– ideal for domestic travelers who want cancellation and trip interruption benefits, but don’t need post-departure benefits or medical emergency coverage.

Annual/Multi-Trip Plans

AllTrips Basic
AllTrips Basic is designed for the traveler who doesn’t need trip cancellation benefits, but may want protection in case of a medical emergency.

AllTrips Prime
Prime gives you protection for several trips throughout the year, including benefits for trip cancellation and trip interruption, lost/stolen or delayed baggage, and more.

AllTrips Premier
This plan provides an entire year of worldwide travel protection and concierge service. This plan can cover you and your household, whether you’re traveling separately or together.

AllTrips Executive
Executive includes higher trip cancellation and interruption limits, lost/stolen or delayed baggage benefits, and the added business equipment rental benefits.

Rental Car Plans

OneTrip Rental Car Protector
In most states, OneTrip Rental Car Protector can provide primary coverage for covered collision, loss, and damage to your rental car along with 24-hour emergency assistance.

Allianz Travel Insurance FAQs

Is Allianz legitimate?

Yes, absolutely. Allianz Global Assistance is owned by Allianz SE, the world’s largest diversified insurance company. They are a reputable company that pays claims. This review critical of their medical coverage and lack of Cancel For Any Reason coverage, but that speaks to their individual plans not the reliability of the company.

How stable is Allianz?

Very. Allianz Travel Insurance is owned by Allianz SE, the world’s largest diversified insurance company.

Which Allianz plan is best?

The OneTrip Prime plan from Allianz is the most popular plan, and it is their best plan overall. I always factor value into recommendations, and I don’t find the added benefits of their more-expensive OneTrip Premier to be worth the cost.


Allianz is a well-known insurance company and their plans are fine, but there are better alternatives for the same price – from equally reputable companies. I recommend both Trawick and Travel Insured (links to their reviews below).

Best Alternatives to Allianz: