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Subject to the provided by the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Third Parties, we inform you the following:

“RLH Properties, S.A.B. de C.V.” (hereinafter named “RLH PROPERTIES”) with address at Av. Paseo de la Reforma 412, Piso 21, Colonia Juárez, Delegación Cuauhtémoc, C.P. 06600, Ciudad de México, shall hold on its own behalf or through any legal entity which is a holding company or branch office thereof with the conviction to protect personal information (hereinafter “Personal Data”) provided by the individuals (hereinafter “User”) and shall be liable for its Handling whenever obtained by the internet web site (hereinafter the “Web Site”), by written means and/or by phone (hereinafter “Other Means”).

RLH PROPERTIES may request and/or obtain Personal Data from User through the Web Site and Other Means for the purposes stated below; also to comply with any required legal provisions, or whenever requested by the competent authorities (hereinafter the “Handling”). In accordance to the applicable legal provisions in the United Mexican States (hereinafter “México”), RLH PROPERTIES and/or any third party who may intervene in any stage of the Handling of Personal Data shall maintain confidentiality regarding any data with such capacity.
Upon access and/or log in to the Web Site, Personal Data provided by User shall have the purpose of (i) identification; (ii) location; (iii) communication; (iv) contact; (v) sending information; (vi) statistical purposes; (vii) review and attend comments; (viii) extend the invitation to participate on RLH PROPERTIES’ social media; (ix) publicity; (x) fulfill effective laws; (xi) analyze and answer employment applications; (xii) send notices regarding amendments to changes of this Privacy Notice.
The Personal Data requested from User shall be:

  • Name
  • Electronic mail
  • Telephone

Unless User provides its Personal Data, services may not be accessed, however User may have access to other Services which do not require mandatory disclosure of Personal Data.

In accordance to this Privacy Notice, access and/or log in through the Web Site and/or other means implies User’s full and unreserved consent for the Handling of Personal Data.

RLH PROPERTIES has physical, technical and administrative security means for the protection of Personal Data provided by User. Notwithstanding the provided in the Consent section, RLH PROPERTIES shall take all actions, measures and special steps as deemed necessary to maintain the right of protection of Personal Data for minors and legally disabled.
In the event you no longer wish to receive promotional messages by electronic mail and/or printed and/or telephone calls from RLH PROPERTIES, you may send your request to:


The Web Site may contain links, banners, buttons and/or search tools on the World Wide Net and, whenever used by User, may transfer to other internet sites owned by third parties. User’s Personal Data granted to such internet sites are not covered by this Privacy Notice and Handling shall not be liability of RLH PROPERTIES. User’s verification of the Privacy Notice of such internet sites is hereby recommended.
User may find within the Web Site, pages, promotional adds, microsites, virtual stores, surveys, employment offers and other services shared with third parties and which may request Personal Data (hereinafter “Third Party Sites”). Unless otherwise provided by RLH PROPERTIES, any information regarding such Personal Data granted through Third Party Sites shall be subject to the corresponding privacy notices contained therefore.
RLH PROPERTIES warns User that some services of the Web Site may include, enunciative but not limited to, discussion forums, personal internet pages, classified adds, electronic mail, chat rooms, among others. Therefore, Personal Data disclosed through such means may in some cases be accessed by third parties. RLH PROPERTIES shall not be liable for the use, publishing, disclosing and/or revealing made of such Personal Data in the above-mentioned media. User’s careful and responsible disclosure of personal information within such media is hereby recommended.

transfer of personal data.
Without prior consent of the holder, RLH PROPERTIES may disclose and/or transfer the Personal Data provided by User within or out of the country, to its branch offices and/or other related offices, as well as to fulfill all legal provisions so required or as may be required by any competent authorities.
Also, RLH PROPERTIES may reveal, disclose and/or transfer within or out of the country any Personal Data to suppliers, sponsors, publicity managers, contractors and/or partners for commercial purposes, also as to provide statistic data to potential advertising groups, send publicity to User in accordance to its specific interests and conduct market research. Third parties receiving the information regarding User’s Personal Data shall comply with the provided herein, as well as the Terms and Conditions of the Web Site and the applicable Mexican laws.
Upon registry to the Web Site, the owner of Personal Data may grant consent for the transfer of Personal Data subject to the terms provided herein.

User may request its right to exercise:

  • Access to its Personal Data;
  • Rectify its Personal Data whenever wrong or incomplete;
  • Cancel its Personal Data;
  • For any lawful cause, challenge the Handling of its Personal Data, and/or
  • At any time, revoke its consent for the Handling of its Personal Data to end use thereof.

However, it is important to acknowledge that not all cases for cancellation of Personal Data, challenge Handling or revoke consent may proceed, since due to legal obligations RLH PROPERTIES may require future handling of Personal Data. User shall take into consideration that for certain purposes, revocation of consent shall imply suspension of service or termination of any relationship with RLH PROPERTIES.
Exercise of rights to Access, Rectify, End or Challenge Personal Data and Revoke consent made by User shall be made prior request to RLH PROPERTIES and contain at least the following:

  • Name of owner, address and electronic mail for communication of response to request;
  • Documents crediting identity or, if appropriate, the legal representation of owner;
  • Clear and precise description of Personal Data to exercise any of the rights above-mentioned (in the event of rectification, indicate changes and provide documents sustaining such request);
  • Any other element or document assisting the location of Personal Data.

Therefore, RLH PROPERTIES provides User with the following electronic mail:
RLH PROPERTIES shall respond User’s request in a term no longer than 20 business days as of the date of the corresponding request made to the electronic mail provided therefore.

With the purposes of improving Users’ experience on the Web Site, RLH PROPERTIES may use “cookies”. Therefore, this Privacy Notice identifies “cookies” as such text archives holding information any site transfers to the hard disk of Users’ computer with the purpose of storing certain registries and preferences. RLH PROPERTIES may use “cookies” to improve understanding of interaction with User within the Web Site and the services provided. The Web Site may allow publicity or third-party functions sending “cookies” to Users’ computer. By the use of “cookies”, User is not personally identified but their computers are.
On the other hand, “web beacons” are images inserted in a web page or electronic mail which may monitor a visitors’ behavior, as well as storing information regarding users IP address, browsing hours, interaction times on the Web Site, sections consulted, webpages accessed prior to accessing our own and type of engine search used.
User may change its options through computer equipment and/or search engines to stop accepting “cookies” and/or “web beacons” or confirm if whether or not User accepts these.

In accordance to Mexican laws, “Sensible Personal Data” are “data which may reveal aspects such as racial or ethnic origin, present or future health, genetic information, religious, philosophical and/or moral creed, union affiliation, political opinions, sexual preference”.
In the event RLH PROPERTIES requires such Sensible Personal Data from User, User shall provide express consent therefore.

RLH PROPERTIES shall reserve the right to amend the contents of this Privacy Notice at any time. Any changes made to the Privacy Notice shall be informed to User throughout the Web Site. Once the Privacy Notice is issued on the Web Site, it shall automatically become effective.
This Privacy Notice as well as general administration of Law made by RLH PROPERTIES shall be governed by the effective and applicable laws of the United Mexican States, therefore any dispute risen due to its application shall be held before the competent Jurisdictional Authorities of Mexico City.
Last update hereof was made on August 1st, 2016.