Battlefield Bad Company 2 – PC : Everything Else

Battlefield Bad Company 2, the first Battlefield game playable on PC and with an actual singleplayer campaign. In this game the memorable characters return from the first Bad Company, such as Sweetwater, Haggard and Redford.

Good. No problems here.

The first mission takes place in World War II, whereas the rest is set in the present day. It’s very slow and boring, not only does this level base itself off of something that never could have possibly happened in World War II, but the screen shakes maniacally whenever a loud alarm or a big explosion goes off. It’s almost laughable when it happens. The rest of the missions have very beautiful environments, varying from snowy mountains, rain forests, deserts, urban, open areas with mountain surrounding them, and with autumn trees. in some places. The story itself is okay. But the part where the game’s problems really appear is in the gameplay. Whenever an enemy has a shotgun, they can kill you at the range of a sniper rifle, and the enemies only try to kill you, instead of your teammates as well. They apparently also have x-ray vision, because no matter where you hide for cover they always know the exact spot your in. For example: If you try hiding in a house, every enemy will always know which room you’re in, which corner you’re hiding in, and which part of the wall to shoot. The cutscenes make it seem like an action movie, but with good characters. I won’t try to spoil anything, but the final mission is surprisingly satisfying even though it isn’t very long.

I really can’t say much about this, because playing it requires your email, what country you live in, and what your birthdate is. Most games don’t require this much information to play online.

It comes with the free DLC Battlefield Bad Company 2: Vietnam, however, since this DLC is multiplayer-only, it needs the same information as said above.

I expected better, but it doesn’t deserve to be called a bad game. Hopefully if DICE ever figures out what fans loved about this game and they make Bad Company 3, they will improve on some of these features.