: Rap Snacks Featuring Hip-Hop Star Lil Boosie Louisiana Heat Wavy Potato Chips 2.5 Oz Bags Pack of 6 : Everything Else

So I initially tried these chips at a corner store and I got like 2/3 bags because I didn’t know if i would like them what attracted me to them was the name of flavor lol MANNNNNN I had to rebuy these because I love the perfectness of the bbq and mild heat together it’s not super hot and not a bbq that’s overwhelming it has such a good sweetness together omg listen you just have to trust me and try them. You will be just like me buying 6 bags for like 26 bucks ?? knowing dang well I’m over paying but I can’t find these jawns no where so a girls gotta do ???? You got it … what a girls gotta do ? byeeee THANK me later