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I have two separate claims Wind and Plumbing from April 2022 that are pending. My claim was first placed with their TPA ******* for months now there has been continued bad faith.Continued attempts to minimize their liability, running contractors away and mitigation companies with unrealistic demands. They to date not paid the Inventory pursuant to ********************* Property they sent a proposed payment that was completely far off and not in align and was only for the Plumbing Claim. Another attempt to delay payment and violate the laws of the Commonwealth Of ************ governing insurers to act in good faith. They re assigned the claim after the initial BBB Involvement to large loss AFICS ***************** and Manager ****** ****** ironically ***************** TPA Manager stated when asked for reassignment from TPA that he spoke to large loss manager but Mr. ****** stated he did not remember that, so they actually refused to try and eliminate the continued bad faith in attempt to have their TPA Aide and abet ************* ************* *** of ******** No. CV-12-2357 (D. Ariz. Aug. 26, 2014), them in committing Bad Faith and claim mishandling. **** stated that large loss could not take the claim due to being busy and tried apparently twice to reach out to them. Then the new adjuster came right away and stated “I will have a check out to you by the end of week” which was last week, well guess what that never reassign my claim to someone that is leaving and we are in the midst of severe bad faith issues. She promised to have Chimney claim revised estimate and inventory done still has not been done. I have sent my proof of loss for Siding and Roof still not paid. *** is now attempting to minimize the *** Coverage by saying do a stipend of 20 a day, its a joke, so essentially your to eat unhealthy for them not in the policy verbiage a cash out for each claim demanded. He is Arguing over Mitigation costs

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