Amica Insurance Reviews: Everything You Need to Know

Amica is an insurance company with some of the most affordable insurance policies in the US. The company provides a full range on insurance products, including traditional and specialized auto insurance policies. In this article, we discuss Amica insurance reviews and its insurance policies to help you make an informed choice when shopping for carriers.

Is Amica One of the Big Insurance Companies?

Amica is not one of the major insurers in the US. However, it has great customer satisfaction ratings. The company’s insurance policies provide built-in benefits, especially if you combine policies.

What Is Amica Mutual Insurance?

Established in 1907, Amica Mutual Insurance is the longest serving mutual insurance provider for vehicles in the United States. The company sells a wide range of insurance products through its offices and subsidiaries. You can get auto insurance, home insurance, and life insurance from Amica. It also offers renters, small business, condo, and flood insurance, among others, says WalletHub.

Amica pays customers a part of their annual premium payments as dividends because it is a mutual insurance company. However, you can only get dividends on specific insurance policies in certain states. The company operates in 49 states, except Hawaii, but its auto insurance policies and other insurance products are only available in specific states. You can reach Amica’s customer service on 800-242-6422.

What Do Experts Say About Amica?

Insurance industry experts and customers give Amica stellar ratings. Customers are especially happy with the company’s professional agents who process claims within short periods. Many policyholders also describe the company’s agents as friendly and knowledgeable. The only negative Amican insurance reviews are about its auto insurance rates rather than the quality of service of agents.

WalletHub rates Amica Insurance an above average 3.4 out of 5 stars based on ratings from J.D. Power, customer reviews, and insurance quotes. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) rates Amica 1.41, which shows it has above average complaints compared to other insurance companies. Most of the complaints the NAIC receives about the company are related to unexpected surcharges, delayed processing of claims, and less-than-satisfactory settlements.

NerdWallet rates Amica Insurance a perfect 5 stars for overall performance. The editors use several variables to arrive at their conclusion, including ease of filing claims, rates, discounts, financial strength, website transparency, and complaint data from NAIC.

J.D. Power rates Amica 4.2/5 and A.M. Best rates it A+. The company has an A+ rating from the BBB.

What Are the Coverages Offered By Amica Car Insurance?

Amica Insurance provides the standard array of auto insurance policies. Some of the company’s policies have built-in benefits in specific states, such as:

  • Depreciation-free coverage if you total your vehicle within the first year of ownership
  • Free lock replacement for lost or stolen keys
  • Free airbag repair after it deploys
  • If you go to court at the company’s request, Amica will reimburse your lost earnings
  • Free repair of damaged vehicle glass if it is not necessary to replace it
  • $1000 for bail bonds

    What Is an Example of Amica Auto Insurance Quotes?

    Here is an example of Amica’s auto insurance quotes based on driver profile, according to WalletHub:

    • 18-Year-Old – $224 / month
    • 21-Year-Old – $129 / month
    • 45-Year-Old – $59 / month
    • 45-Year-Old with a Speeding Ticket – $72 / month
    • 45-Year-Old with a DUI – $191 / month
    • 55-Year-Old – $54 / month
    • 65-Year-Old – $68 / month

      WalletHub’s cost comparison of insurers places Amica in the second quartile of the cheapest major auto insurance providers.

      Advantages of Amica Insurance

      According to Value Penguin, Amico has some of the lowest rates for auto and homeowner insurance policies. The company’s competitive rates can be even lower if you qualify for its discounts.

      Here are some advantages of Amica Insurance, according to WalletHub:

      • Amica offers very competitive insurance rates
      • The company also provides additional benefits at no cost, including airbag repair and lock replacement
      • It has a user-friendly website
      • Amica offers a wide range of insurance options

        Disadvantages of Amica Insurance

        Some of the disadvantages of Amica Insurance include:

        • Customers complain a lot about sudden premium hikes
        • The customer service is not the best
        • Amica does not provide a ride sharing or commercial vehicle insurance coverage

          What Are the Supplemental Amica Car Insurance Coverage Options?

          Amica Insurance also offers these additional insurance coverage options:

          • Roadside Assistance: Amica’s roadside assistance covers towing, flat-tire repairs, jump-starts, locksmith services, and emergency fuel deliveries.
          • Full Glass Coverage: This policy covers payment for the repair or replacement of a damaged glass.
          • Rental Reimbursement: This policy covers the cost of renting a car if your vehicle is in an accident. It pays up to $20 per day or a maximum of $600.
          • Platinum Choice Auto: This policy provides additional protection and perks, such as
            1. Accident forgiveness
            2. Identity monitoring
            3. Full glass coverage
            4. Prestige rental coverage

              What Are the Free Amica Car Insurance Protections and Benefits?

              Amica Insurance offers these free benefits and protections:

              • Free glass repair, except for replacement
              • Air bag repair
              • Free lock replacement for lock keys
              • Wage reimbursement and bail bonds
              • Depreciation protection
              • Disappearing deductible
              • Accident forgiveness
              • Identity fraud monitoring
              • Prestige rental coverage

                What Are Amica’s Auto Insurance Discounts

                Amica auto insurance offers these insurance discounts, according WalletHub and Value Penguin:

                Loyalty discount: You will be eligible if you stay with the company for a minimum of two years.

                Claims free discount: Available for customers who file no claims for the past three years apart from towing or glass repair or replacement.

                Bundling discount: Available for customers who buy multiple policies, such as auto and homeowners insurance policies.

                Multiple auto discount: Available for people who buy auto insurance for several cars.

                Autopay discount: Available if you use autopay to pay your premiums.

                Paid-in-full discount: You get this when you pay your premiums in full.

                E-discount: Available to customers that opt to get billing and policy information electronically.

                Home ownership discount: This is available to customers who own their homes.

                Legacy discount: You are eligible if you are under 30 and your parents have been Amica policyholders for five years,

                Anti-theft discount: Available to customers that install an approved anti-theft system on their vehicle.







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