Amy’s Ethiopian Restaurant – Nashville Coffee and Family Style Dining

Our Story

Owners Amy and Alex.

Amy’s passion for cooking started when she was an 11-year-old girl in Ethiopia. Her mother was a chef, catering large parties like weddings and embassy events. Amy would help her mother prep and cook, and there she learned the basics and lighted the flame of her love of cooking.

“Most kids get tired quick, but I did not,” Amy says. “I would stay up all night helping my mother cook. It was my hobby.”

Later Amy moved to Italy, where she and her mother worked for a big chef. She learned even more about cooking, about how restaurants work, and this experience fanned the flame. Amy and her husband Alex moved to the United States. They owned a gas station for years, and throughout their entrepreneurship Amy enjoyed cooking for friends and family.

“I cook every Sunday, gathering people. I cook for church. I like to share and give. I like to create a happy environment. I always make food that makes other people happy, and it makes me happy, too.”

Amy’s friends and family enjoyed her food so much that they told her she should open a restaurant. Amy said, “Hmm, let me think about that one.” And then, it was the right time. Her dream of opening a restaurant came true.

Before she opened the doors, Amy attended a culinary school. She wanted to be serious about her new business, and she wanted to learn how to properly execute it, making sure the kitchen and the food are up to the highest standards. Amy takes pride in the cleanliness of her restaurant, as she understands how the food we eats directly affects our wellbeing. She creates high quality dishes and works with fresh, healthy ingredients.

“I like very, very nice quality when I cook. I like to make food people enjoy. I cook with care and love. I take my time and do my best all the time.”

You can taste the love and care Amy puts into her dishes. Her desserts and coffees are a delicious homage to her time in Italy. The authentic Ethiopian dishes please American taste buds and draw in a community of Ethiopian folks who have found their way to Nashville. Come try Amy’s in the warm, inviting space Amy and Alex have created. Perfect for families and friends to gather around a great meal and enjoy each other’s company!